Help: Have American prescription for Canadian Drug

marie26July 17, 2005

My daughter received a prescription from her doctor here in the U.S. for a drug that is only available in Canada. The medicine has had very good results for people with her condition (gastritis). We live about 6 hours from the Canadian border.

Will the drug companies that mail medicine from Canada accept a prescription for medicine the FDA has not yet approved in the States? Which companies are most reliable to work with? Will these companies accept U.S. Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance?

If she cannot use these mail order companies, how do we get the medicine? Will a pharmacy just over the border accept an American prescription? Will they accept U.S. health insurance? Or must she go to a Canadian doctor to get the prescription?

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It looks like no one has an answer to this question , so I will add to this post just to get it to move !

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Best thing would be to email a Canadian pharmacy here in Canada and inquire as to their procedures.
btw: what's the med? Could it be otc here?

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I don't know the answer to how you get the prescription, but as for your question about insurance; the question is not "will the Canadian pharmacy accept my insurance?". The question is "will my insurance company pay for treatment obtained outside the United States?", and "will my insurance company pay for non-FDA-approved medication?". Insurance companies choose what and who they will pay for, not the other way around. Ask your insurance company. Some policies cover international care if necessary, some don't. My guess is they will not cover non-FDA approved medication, regardless of what country you purchase it in.

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Why doesn't she ask her doctor how he expects her to get it filled? He might have the perfect solution to the problem.

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I did some research and found out that she has to go to a clinic in Canada for a check-up. Then the doctor will write the prescription(s) needed which a Canadian pharmacy will fill. The pharmacy I spoke to will even mail me the medicine quarterly for a year.

We hope to get up to Canada to visit my son in September and will try to get this taken care of at that time.

The medicine is available in the States but only by one company that will do mail order. It's also more expensive than in Canada.

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