10wks pregnant and need to quit smoking

AshtreemeadownymphJuly 21, 2013

Hello! I recently found out I am going to have my first child. I am worried about the effects of cigarettes on my little one and would like to quit as soon as possible. Does anyone have any ideas on herbal supplements I can take that are suitable for the first trimester and second trimesters and that will help alleviate stress and cravings? I am also open to suggestions for teas, aromatherapy, dietary changes, asanas, massage and accupuncture. Thank you for any help you can offer. Namaste.

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Talk to your doctor or you may end up using HS that are just as dangerous as smoking ciggies.

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This expensive medical system is a failure.
The body need 60 minerals,16 vitamins 12 amino acids and 3 fatty acids to grow.
When a pregnant women gets a craving for food other than what she normally eats it is a sign of a mineral deficiency.
The deficiency of zinc alone can cause birth defects.

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Chew gum, throw things or yell at your husband, anything is better than taking that stuff, it could harm your baby. See a doctor.

I was having leg cramps with my second child and the doctor didn't want to give me more calcium than what I was taking because it could harm the baby.

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