Princeton Comprehensive tests

gina_in_flJuly 17, 2005

Cousin had one of those done at Mayo in Jacksonville and has been bugging me ever since to do one. I'm up here in NJ now, and have set up an appointment at Princeton.

Gave them my CC number a week ago.. they said would send 24 page questionier, food diary, and 'suggested hotels' list. Got nothing yet.

Anyway, question is: Princeton Longevity Center - all show and no go?

What happens if they tell me I've got some terminal disease? how do you deal with that???

It's a scary proposition. Please help me if you can shed some light.

Gina_In_FL, but not right now.

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I had some tests done at PLC last year and the year before. I found them to be very professional. By using ultrafast CAT scans, they discovered 2 minor plaques in coronary arteries. They give you a disc with your results on it so that you can see it yourself at home if you choose. The visualization was very helpful to get me to do what I knew I should have been doing for years. And the consultaion with the doc there was so comprehensive. Although they recommended medication, I asked my regular dr. for a 2 month reprieve to change my diet and add exercise to see what that would do. He said take 6 months. I lost 30 pounds, dropped my triglycerides from around 350 to 170, my CRP went from abnormal to normal. My cholesterol initially went up slightly, which is apparently fairly common when you make big changes like I did. In consultation with the docs at PCL, my dr. put me on Lipitor - my cholesterol is now under 200. I found the whole experience very good. The atmosphere is very low key, you will know your results when you leave - at least I did. They will spend whatever time you need. I have seen the main dr. interviewed on one of the major networks when they did piece on heart disease. When I went back the second year, the plaques were a little different - I had three instead of two, but they were smaller. The dr. thought that the larger of the original two had been reduced into two smaller components.

BTW - I made up my own diet that I call the "Don't eat anything white" diet. No white rice, pasta, refined wheat or sugar. I'm not a fanatic about it, but I stick to it about 80% of the time. I also exercise and lift weights. I feel better than I have in years, and I think that PCL's methods helped me face facts. I have a degree in medical technology, and because of my professional experience, I tend to be very skeptical of anything that smacks of quackery or medicine for a profit. PCL wasn't anything like that at all.

I know this sounds like a paid announcement, but it really is not. It's so funny that you should bring this topic up because it has been a year since I had my last tests. I no longer live in NJ and cannot get the same tests done where I live now. I've been thinking of going back and getting a check-up.

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Thanks for your rave review! I'm leaving for Princeton tomorrow -- staying overnite at hotel so I can hopefully get there by 0830!

Your 'don't eat anything white' is essentially low carb, and I've been doing that sinc Feb, '04. I love it. My biggest reward (besides the weight gone) is that I don't have to carry around Rolaids everywhere I go. BTW - Dreamfields Pasta tastes just like regular and is acceptable on low-carb... a bit pricey, but worth it to me!

Dunno where you live now, but back in FL at my mom's eye doctor, I met some folks from Ohio that come back there every year for their checkups! They don't vacation, they just take off a few days and get examined and go right back home.

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Please let us know how things went at PCL. I now live in Virginia, but have been thinking about going back to PCL. Thanks for the tip about Dreamfields pasta - I will look for it.

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Gina, interesting that you should mention the connection between low-carb eating and Rolaids (or lack thereof). I just told someone this same thing the other day. She was surprised, as I was when I realized that carbs could have been causing my excess acid. I've been eating low carb since 1995Ă‚yikes, ten years!

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OK, first the Rolaids... I'm sure that bread, pasta, sugar, whatever was causing the dependency on Rolaids. The ONE time I felt the need for one was after being in a bar where I thought the Coke wasn't Diet...

The PLC experience:
First off, I'd definitely recommend for getting the hotel. I was really scared because they don't tell you the names, but I ended up in the Chauncey Convention Center & hotel for $72 (normally $116+) Wonderful room, but I couldn't take advantage of the amenities because of the upcoming tests.

Staff at PLC was very gracious and hospitible and friendly.
Having read some stuff, docs there prescribe to low-carb, but the breakfast buffet was mostly muffins, bagels and such. Hmmm. Lunch was GREAT... lotsa low carb stuff.

I was a bit disturbed about being told that I had a wax build-up in my right ear, and then told I'd have a hearing test. Why didn't someone remove the wax build-up before the hearing test??

Told I had too much Iron... got turned down to donate blood three months ago because of lack of iron.... might be that's a day to day thing.

I'm kinda ambivilant if I will do this on a regular basis.

They gave me the "slow up on drinking and smoking" speeches but I know I can get that for a lot cheaper.

The Virtual Colonoscopy showed 2 polyps... they recommend a real colonoscopy within 3 months. I dunno, is that really bad if there's no colon cancer history in the blood family? I think there are a lot of 'scare tactics'... have 2 cousins that are docs, will have them review the stuff and see what they recommend.

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