Carpet runner on stairs?

drewemAugust 9, 2012

We choose to upgrade the stairs to oak treads/risers, stained to match the foyer hardwood floor. It is a staircase with some steps, a landing, then it turns with more steps.

The railing will have a double bullnose, and will be stained to match floor. Same with the thick support baulisters. The spindles are going to be white, and will be changed in the future to the iron kind. The landing will be the same wood floor as the foyer. No carpet on it.

I am trying to decide if I want the stair runner or not. It's low end builders grade carpet.

I think it will look nice in the future with the iron spindles, and no runner.

But with boys (6, 8) I was advised to do the carpet runner.

What are your thoughts? We have the said stairs in the current home, but with the runner, and carpet on the landing. I was looking forward to not vaccumming the new ones!

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Also, would they slip on an all wood staircase?


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Bare stairs cause three unwanted issues: noise, dirt, and falling hazards. Hard sole shoes really make a great deal of noise. Dust and dirt show-up daily and travel everywhere without a rug to catch the particals. The treads will always look dirty. And children really do get more injuries falling wood then on carpet. Been there done that. I would not go without some type of carpet on the stairs. Nice oriental runners are very nice and you can use small iron rods to hold the runner in place on each tread. Just goggle "oriental floor runners" Wow the choices.

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You can also have a custom rug cut and seen for the stairs to compliment other decor in your home. This often works better for stairs, since the size of stairs often varies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Any of these carpets can be retrofitted for a rug.

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I have very young children (5, 2, 1) and have never had any problems on my hardwood staircase w/o carpet runner. My husband and I personally don't like carpet runners bc of having to vacuum the stairs to get the dog hair off. With the hardwood it looks gorgeous and many times i just sweep it, or get a paper towel for quick wiping and that is about it! I don't miss it at all. Most new builds in my neighborhood chose the no carpet runner option. And for some reason, I for some reason have issues with slipping on carpet on the stairs, but not the hardwood stairs. also, our children do not wear socks on the stairs. We only are barefoot on the stairs because that is just how we are in the house, generally

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Stairs are the most difficult traffic area for carpet to begin with. So installing a low end carpet on stairs will likely lead to rapid wear on the edge of the stair tread. I suspect you will be greatly disappointed by doing that.

A runner as previously suggested would be a better choice.

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My neighbor had pretty polished brass rods, and anchors, holding her runner to her hardwood stairs. Quite lovely.

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