Combining carpet and tile in whole house

tomatofreakAugust 4, 2014

It's time, finally, to put the floors down in the 4 BR ranch reno house we've been working on for 3 months now. I'd love some advice. Here's the layout:

Living room: Entry door opens right into room. Lined up on the opposite wall to the entry is the opening (no door) into the kitchen/family room combo.

Hall commences at junction of living room/kitchen doorway. Hallway makes a RH corner and ends at master bedroom.

One bath opens off hall, other bath opens off MBR.

The realtor (TG we have a contract of sale!) advises a tile entry, but carpet in LR. He thinks the carpet should continue down the hall and into each BR - which of course will get carpet.

I'm for tiling the LR, hall, baths and Kitchen/FR and using carpet only in the BR's. He says carpet will be less expensive and I should forget what I want since I'm not going to live there. Am I nuts for considering my plan? Should I just bite the bullet and carpet a hallway? (Ugh....)

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Tile in a living room or family room would be odd here. That might not be the case where you are. We'd expect either carpet or hardwood in the living and family room. Tile entryway, kitchen, and baths only.

But isn't this this house that you're selling to someone soon? Why not let them choose?

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The buyers have given us the green light to do whatever we want because they like what we've done so far. It must be done before appraisal and since we're paying for it, it comes down to $$$ and common sense to me.

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I got a bid today from an installer who describes himself as "an artist, half OCD and a perfectionist". He quoted $1.50 per sq/ft. Does that seem reasonable? I'm meeting another installer tomorrow. If price is same or close, would you choose the perfectionist?

The price for entry way, kitchen/FR, hall and baths is about $850. We provide tile, of course.

Carpet will go in LR and bedrooms, just not down the hall.

Btw, tile is big here. I've been in many houses with not a stitch of carpet, including those that have been reno'ed top to bottom. My own house only has carpet in a separate guest apartment.

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Installer of carpet or tile? That's high for carpet, low for tile, assuming labor only.

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That was for tile only. Interesting, but so far he's the high bidder on installation. It's been hard to find someone to do both, but I did have an installer today who made a bid for both. Only problem is, it included carpet from his business and I'm not sure there was enough selection or that I liked it. The beat goes on.....

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I got tile for the kitchen/FR room, hall and baths. I picked a 20" tile that will be staggered. I'm starting to wonder how it will look in the bathrooms. Also, I haven't bought any transition pieces. Would you put down 'threshold' pieces where doors meet hallway? Any thoughts?

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