IANDS - International Assoc. of Near Death Experiences

patrice607November 13, 2005

Hi -

My husband had a heart attack three years ago. Thankfully, he survived. However,the 12 minutes without oxygen has taken its toll on him. He was in a coma for 3 days, Cardiac Intensive Care for 10 days, residential rehabilitation for three weeks and out-patient rehab for 4 months. He went through a period of restless searching until he found IANDS, the International Association of Near Death Experiences. They meet once a month and my husband plans his schedule around the meetings. Yesterday, I accompanied him for the first time. I have been anxious to go but wanted to wait until he was ready to share this part of his life with me. I was amazed by the lack of fear in the room as the people talked about their near-death experiences. Several people talked about their final crossing over as something they were actually looking forward to. There were also many people who had lost loved ones and were searching for answers about what happens after death.

Dr. Alan Botkin was the speaker yesterday. He is a noted psychologist and author who is using new methods to help people move through their grief. He also works with veterans and others who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

I am offering this as a resource to anyone who is searching and is open to alternative methods. Whatever you decide, I encourage you to find some type of support group and other people who will walk with you in this most difficult journey.

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Thank you so much for sharing this information. I would love to attend a support group of this type. I am a devout Christian and believe in an afterlife, but always love to hear first hand confirmations. I wonder if there is such a support group in my area.

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Lu -
It doesn't look like there's a group in your area but you might contact them to see about starting one. http://iands.org

I visited Christian's website. She was a beautiful young woman. I have a daughter about the same age and I can't imagine the pain you've suffered.

I am interested in ADC (after death contact) and always tell people to be very aware of their dreams.

God bless you!

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Interesting, Patrice. A good resource to share.


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One of the most interesting books that I read regarding ADC's was called, "Hello From Heaven". It's really easy reading and it explains the different types of communications that people sometimes have after their loved ones died.
One of the ones that I just didn't believe was someone having a telephone conversation with a loved one who had died. I thought that was absurd until someone in my Compassionate Friends group said that she got a call and she actually talked to the person. After this person reported it actually happening to her, I began to think that maybe it is not impossible. I always say that just because something hasn't happened to me, doesn't mean that it can't happen or doesn't exist. I try to keep an open mind.

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