SINUS!!! its all connected

bonksJuly 25, 2006

So... let me start off with the fact that i snore.. so there is a plus.. for the past month i have been waking up with and enlarged and achy uvula ( ball in back of throat).. its extrememly hard to swallow and breath and it takes a long time to go down ... my theory is that i snore with my mouth open and thats why its soo painful... on top of that i get sinus infections ALOT ANDD a sinus drip to follow after... its lovely it really is ... im goin to the doctor on wed .. but can anyone shed some light on my rediculous situation ?? :-(

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I don't know a whole lot about sinus problems but I do have some alternitive medicine advice. First, cut out dairy products. Second, get a Neti pot, nasal irrigation. It takes some getting used to, but it will clear up your nasal passages without medication. Maybe try using the Breath rite strips at night.

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The air in your home can do it to you as well. My fiancee went to be and ended up congested all the time. We tried a HEPA filter.. Bang! no more problems at night. Plus, she doesnt need meds which I like.
I can give you the name / web of company if you like. Have to dig it up.

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