Poison Ivy

ruthannJuly 14, 2005

Has anyone had poison ivy? How long did you have it? I have it now, have had it more than 2 weeks and it keeps spreading. I am taking prednisone. Doesn't seem to be doing anything. Should I pop the blisters? Or leave them alone? Benadryl doesn't stop the itching either. Any advice? I work in a produce market and I am hoping no one notices. I try to keep clean, washing all the time and using Purell.

I got it in my own front yard. I have a pond right by our bedroom window with ground cover around it. I was cleaning the weeds out and didn't know they were poison ivy. Don't know how I got it there. I have also been in the woods by our house so I thought I got it there. So a couple days ago, I was pulling these weeds up again by the pond, and got it worse. Now I know what it looks like!! So I put Round-Up on the whole area. Hope it kills it. RAA

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Did you do a search on Goooogle? There is good immediate information in there that might help you find relief. Good luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: Google links

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If you've been on a steriod for two weeks and it's not clearing up yet I would call your dermatologist again, or go to another one. Steriods are supposed to almost stop it in it's tracks. I haven't had it in a long time, but the last severe case I had was stopped quickly with a steriod, don't know which one -

It spreads by birds dropping the seeds. My neighbors have it growing, and I'm constantly pulling up seedlings around my property.

Be careful about what method you kill it around your pond if you have fish.

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Wow! Thanks for the google link. I guess I have never searched for anything on google before. I just spent almost an hour reading all the connecting links! You could spend forever reading all kinds of interesting things. Computers are neat toys! In the meantime I still itch. I used Calamine lotion, then Benedryl lotion. Neither helped. today I bought Caladryl. It feels sooooooo good to scratch. Hey, I love the prednisone - it gives me energy. Thanks for responding. Ruth Ann

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I'm no doctor but what I believe happens when you get poison ivy or even things like bee stings is that sometimes the "infection" causes your body to have an extended allergic reaction beyond the original site. Like you can get a small itchy patch of poison ivy rash on your arm but over the course of time dealing with it you'll also have a similar rash on other parts of your body that were never in contact with the plant. You didn't spread it your body is just over reacting to it. The response your body is having is systemic - throughout the whole body - so rashes can pop up anywhere even though the exposure to the plant was limited. In my case no matter where I get poison ivy - I always end up with itchy rashes down my sides and on the underside of my forearms.

There is a whole lot of new information about poison ivy and how it works. Most of what we were all told in years past is not true.

The easiest thing to do to relieve the itching is to splash the rash with extremely hot water. The high heat of the water will cause your tissues to dump all their histamines at one time - this will feel like an intense itching sensation, kinda painful/kinda pleasant. It takes the tissues about 8 hours to rebuild the supply of histamines so you can have about 8 hours of itch free time.

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Poison ivy is a contact dermatitis. It somes from contact with the plant serum. It may keep spreading because you keep using or wearing something that came in contact with the serum, such as gardening gloves, jeans etc.

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I just got over a case of poison ivy....it won't spread from blister to blister, but...like stated above...it will spread from clothing or gloves that you were wearing when you contacted it.

I was on Prednisone for a while but had a reaction to it. But..I got over mine in about two weeks. I have a feeling that you are coming in contact with clothing that is infected..

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