High Blood Pressure and Exercise

dexx215July 25, 2004

About 3 months ago I started diet and exercise. Now I have lost 14 lbs. However, I go on the treadmill at a pretty good speed and elevation and feel like upping it even more, but after about 20 minutes my face gets flushed and feels hot,and stays that way for about an hour after I'm finished. My blood pressure is high normal and I am worried that if I do any more strenuous exercise I will have a stroke. I'm not on any BP med yet, but don't want to do any more exercise until I see a doc. Anybody got good answers? Thanks.

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Buy a BP monitor. As soon as your face feels flushed and hot, get off the treadmill and take your blood pressure. That way you will know how your BP is at the moment your face feels flushed.

On the other hand, if you have just recently started an exercise routine you may be going too hard and fast at first. Do you take your pulse? There is a healthy range at which your heart rate should be during exercise, depending on your age. For example if you are 45, your pulse after 10 seconds should be about 17. If it is too high, you are exercising too hard.

A good way to monitor your pace is by talking. If you can say a long sentence without having to take a breath, your pace is too slow. If you can't talk without gasping after a few words, you are exercising too hard. If you can talk comfortably while breathing deeply -- and if you feel comfortable enough that you would like to continue -- then you're in the right range... assuming you're in good health.

I have low blood pressure and my face gets flushed and hot when I exercise too.


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Thanks Jen. Am going to get BP monitor and see my doctor.

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