Pam_SewsAlotJuly 8, 2004

Just want to tell the world that I have been smoke free for 6 months 6 hours 53 min. I have saved myself $1,l07.40, and have not smoked a total of 5,468 cigaretts.

Sorry if everyone is getting a little tired of hearing my updates occasionally, but I'm rather proud of myself.


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Shout it from the hills!!! I'm very happy for you. You should tell everyone your inspirational story, it's a major achievement.

Keep coming back and letting us know your progress.


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Did you realize that you were spending that much on cigarettes? The way I figure things, that's a few nights in a fancy hotel at a nice resort.

Keep it Up!

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You are entitled to an occasional yeehaw

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You have every right to be proud of yourself!


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I knew that cigarettes were our biggest expense. As in my DH and I. Because you see, he quit on the same day that I did. I don't think either one of us could have done it without each other for the moral support. Sooooo...the $l,l00.00 that I have saved by not buying cigs, he has too. Between the two of us we have saved $2,200.00 just since January 7th. AMAZING!!

We keep asking ourselves "Where is it!!"

Thanks ladies for all your kind words.


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That is really, really GREAT!!!!!!

Just think what you will have saved by the end of the year.

As for "where is it?" Well, you know as well as I do that it went just making things a little easier on a day by day basis. And that's worth a LOT.

Sure is fun, isn't it!!

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Pat yourself on the back! That is great news. I have been trying to get my sister to quit, even after the doctor told her she had to quit due to heart problems, and she STILL smokes. What does it take to get someone to quit? It has to be when they want to!

Way to go! Bake a celebration cake, use cigarettes as the candles, and throw water on them, LOL!

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