My precious Sister

laVerneMaynard7November 8, 2012

My precious Sister. I will miss you sorely. I am so blessed to have had you through the years. You taught me and loved me. You helped me when no one else could. You were always there for me, all I had to do was ask. My heart is truly broken that you have left this world and I cannot talk with you again. The Lord surely gave me a precious gift when He selected you for me, to be my older sister. Right now my broken heart won't let me do more than feel the sorrow of your passing. Soon though, I know all the laughs and hugs will be at the forefront of my mind. I know we all must leave this world; I'm just so sad without you.

I love you,


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Hi La Verne

I can feel what you are feeling. I lost my sister on September 16, this year.

It hurts.

She was lovely, funny and beautiful, and my older sister.

But - 2 months down the grief track - I have got to a point where she is with me and giving me strength to tackle things I would have found difficult, before. I feel so much more confident with her by my side, because I know what she would say to me. I think that is a positive thing that has come from her death.

I hope you find this comfort soon.

This morning I got up, and thought I would find a picture of my sis and put her in my purse, so I can look at her whenever I want, no matter what I am doing.

Sisters are precious.

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Thanks Popi,
I put pictures of her on the wall. And I sleep under an afghan she made. Seems to help. I'm sure I'll miss her a while.

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Aw that sounds comforting La Verne.

Christmas is going to be tough, I have voiced to my DH that I don't want to get into that this year. I would rather go away somewhere.

I have been cramming lots of learning into my day, purposely, since her death, and have been learning French.

I have been daydreaming about going to Vanuatu, which is near where I live - about 3 hour flight away. They speak French there, and it is tropical. I wonder if that will eventuate !

Take care.

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Popi, I hope you get to make your trip. I know the first Holidays without our sisters will be difficult. My sister died suddenly. Well, she went to the hospital and died the next morning. We did not know she was ill .She lived 200 miles away, and I had been to see her just the week before. I am so grateful for that!
I pray your Holidays are filled with warmth and pleasant memories.

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Sometimes I miss my sister so much. It just hits me out of the blue, and I get weepy. I'm sure that's normal, whatever that means. I just miss her.
I have a younger sister. I have tried to talk with her about it, she is absolutely not interested in talking about feelings. And my mother, well, she is 83, lost her oldest daughter, and I surely don't want to burden her further. She's not good about talking about her feelings either. So, to those of you reading this. I'm still sad and there is a part of my heart very empty. I'm blessed to have had my older sister. And I'll probably always miss her.

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My DH lost his sister Mary(age49) 1 year ago this week from Lou Gherig's disease(ALS)-a long, long, hard struggle. It is so difficult right now. We couldn't make it home for the one year mass.
I wish you the best.
It is so normal to get hit out of the blue--it never gets easier you will always miiss them. You will feel rotten when you wake up in the morning. You must find people who understand so you can talk about your feelings. I only have one friend like that and she's in her 70's(she lost her soulmate after 20 years), if something happens to my dear(intelligent) friend who helped me with my mother's death I will lose my mind.
I send you positive thoughts.

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Laverne - yep life goes on, doesn't it.

People just don't know how we carry our grief around with us.

I find social events really draining - I find that I just don't want to talk to anyone. I have immersed myself in learning to draw, it really is the only thing I like doing these days. I think a lot about death and when my turn will come.

Christmas - mmm- more social events, buying silly presents, don't want anything to do with it, this year.

Laverne - all the best to you.

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I got my Christmas cards out this year and I had saved two-- one from my sister! It's hanging up with all the rest. I miss her, I keep her memories dear.
I know I will meet her again in Heaven. My faith is strong in that area and I prayed about this. And even though I'm sure she is in heaven waiting for me, it does not make me miss her any less.
I will pray for you. I pray your heart is toward Jesus, isn't He the reason we celebrate Christmas ?

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Thanks Laverne for your kind thoughts.

It is good you have your faith to comfort you, I don't have such a faith. But I can comfort myself in other ways and I do talk to my sis.

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