Strange but true

nita1950June 10, 2005

Recently, I started hearing a pulse like noise when things were quiet. When I would lie down to sleep it was louder and more pronounced. I finally determined that I was hearing my own pulse beating. I would press my fingers to my ear and I could hear it really good. I am 55 and I had never experienced this before. It is pretty loud at times and I really wondered what it was at first. Has anyone experienced this. I have an appointment with the doctor next week and feel kind of stupid mentioning this to him, as I don't want to sound weird.

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That happens to me all the time Nita. Especially when I am laying in bed about to go to sleep, and my neck is against my pillow. I can hear my heart beating loudly, sometimes I have to change my pillow's position so I can go to sleep. Nothing to worry about, better that you can hear it beating than not! :)

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This could be a sign of high blood pressure. My mother has very high blood pressure and she said this was one of the symptoms. Wouldn't hurt to have it checked out.


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