Elevated uric acid

catherinetJune 29, 2007

Hi all,

I've had elevated uric acid levels for awhile, with no sign of gout. Does anyone know what that might mean??

I need to ask my doctor about it the next time I see him.

I thought it was a recent thing, but today I found an old lab report (12 years old), and it had an elevated uric acid too. Any ideas?

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It may mean that you normally have a higher level than other people and it's nothing to worry about.

Uric acid can be one of the components of kidney stones. You probably need to be sure to drink plenty of fluids each day.

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Thanks Agnes,
I'm overweight too, so maybe that factors into things?
With my fibromyalgia, I'm always looking for things that might have a hand in it, even though its not info that's out there. Supposedly all these joint and muscle pains I have aren't related to the uric acid.....but it makes me wonder. Thanks.

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As I understand it, which could be a misunderstanding on my part, the uric acid forms tiny crystals in the joint and the pain is severe and feels like you have glass fragments moving around in there. Definitely not your usual joint pain as in the usual osteo-arthritis joint pain.

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Thanks agnes.

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