Thin skin, burst blood vessels - is this common for ederly?

quiltingfoxJune 25, 2008

I have a relative who recently was drying off after taking a shower and as that person rubbed the towel across their ankle a blood vessel ruptured and started squirting blood. Luckily another family member was there to help that person. My relative is not taking any thing that would thin the blood. Took over an hour to get the bleeding stopped. Is having thin skin and rupturing blood vessels a common occurence for people 60 and older?



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Yes, it possible and does happen frequently. Your relative should see their doctor for a diagnosis, but usually if it happens to me I start taking iron supplements.

Good luck!

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My mom is 77 and busts blood vessels often. However, they never squirted blood! If it took an hour to stop the bleeding, that's not a good thing. Watch out when taking iron. Too much iron can be dangerous so it's best to get a blood test to check your iron level first.

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This is more common than realized -- some people have very fragile blood vessels. I agree about the Iron dangers, and also be very careful about taking Aspirin and Vitamin E, as both can cause bleeding.

There is also such a thing as a benign blood vessel tumor, called a Hemangioma. Best to get this checked out.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback.
This post is now closed.

Best to all,

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