waxed concrete floor and pet urine

casolorzAugust 17, 2012

We have acid stained concrete floors with a few coats of an acrylic sealant on top and then a few coats of wax.

Our cat has decided that floor will make a good place to pee on, not sure why yet, still trying to figure that out. Anyways, I've read and read about cleaning the waxed floor and the recommendation is usually to use water, but really, we are talking about cat urine here, I would like to use something a bit stronger.

Are there any cleaners I could use that won't damage the wax?


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Sophie Wheeler

Use an ezymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle to clean the urine. Yes, it will remove the wax, but the wax should be removed. Stained concrete floors were traditionally finished with wax only, no acrylic. Or they are finished today with acrylic only, no wax. This "hybrid" using the two does not increase the protection. It actually makes upkeep worse. Strip off the wax, and if you haven't used any oil type cleaners on it, it may be possible to have an additional layer of acrylic polyurethane applied when the floors become a bit dulled by use. But, the acrylic poly is all the protection against urine that your floor should need.

In addition, take your cat to the vet. Inappropriate elimination is caused by a bladder infection around 80% of the time. If not addressed, the problem can become one ingrained by habit even after the infection clears up. Environmental stressors such as moving can also contribute to both an infection and behavioral issues.

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Hollysprings, thank you for the reply.

We added wax on top of the acrylic sealant because it wasn't glossy enough, the wax did the trick.

As for the cat, yeah we are aware of the possible issues, he has had already two surgeries because of his constant urinary tract infections and inflammations.

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