rosealeeJune 21, 2007

My Dr. changed me from Synthyroid to Levothyroid and for the first time since I have been hypothyroid I have felt better and my body temperature is now normal! This was quite by accident. My TSH level was low and Levothyroid comes in more exact dosages than Synthyroid so he had to change me to Levothyroid. I have been hypothyroid for over 20 years and every Dr. has always given me synthyroid. Until about a year ago, my TSH was comming up normal but my body temperature would always run low like 96 to 97°. They never seemed concerned so neither was I, but I never realized how much better I could feel until this new Dr. changed me to Levothyroid. I have All good days, instead of some active days and some sluggish days. I am sooo pleased, I had to post. Has Anyone had this experience with any other thyroid medication, and what did your Dr. do? I am just wondering why it took so long, although I am very happy with what I have now. I have been on Levothyroid for 8 months now, so I think this is going to last, hopefully. Oh, and I have lost 28 lbs. in 8 months, too. I haven't really dieted, just ate the same.

Does anyone else have experiences with thyroid medication?

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That's great Rosealee!

I am just recently diagnosed with Hashimotos 2 months ago. The doctor I am seeing has me on Armour Thyroid, I am up to 4 grains and not feeling much relief yet. Just got back from vacation and I feel so sorry for my husband who wanted to do much more - but I just tire so easily. I am out of breath after climbing a small hill or a couple sets of stairs. I could really use the weight loss too as I have gained a lot (30+ lbs) the past year.

I hope others will join in on the thread with their experiences.

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That's very interesting information -- I'm taking Synthroid, but my daily temp still runs low, and I'm still struggling with weight issues (despite being vegetarian and eating a low calorie diet, and exercising regularly). I constantly feel sluggish as well, although it's hard to know if that's a result of my other meds or not. I may have to suggest Levothyroid to my doc and see what she says...

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I have been taking thyroid meds for years, but they didn't work. That changed when my neighbor told me they have to be taken on an empty stomach - something my Dr. forgot to mention. So then my thyroid actually got too high and my doctor took me off of it. I gained 8 pounds the first week and then a pound a week thereafter. I complained, was tested again, and my thyroid was too low. So he put me back on the same dose I had before. Now it is too high. So now I am on a 3/4 dose and will be tested again in 3 months. I can't imagine why he put me back on the same dose that was too high before. My only symptom when my dose was too high was shaky hands. I thought it was just old age.

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Please be sure to use Brand name only for thyroid meds. Each batch of generics can vary up to 20 percent either way. My Dr. refuses to give generic thyroid med for that reason.

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I'm glad you're feeling better rosealee!

I'm not hypothyroid, but I have a question for you all. I seem to have hypothyroid symptoms, but my T3 and T4 are always within the normal range. I have fibromyalgia, which may explain the similar symptoms.......fatigue, foggy thinking, nausea, depression, aches and pains, etc.
My temp is almost always 96-97.
Did all of you have abnormal thyroid lab values when you were first diagnosed?

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Catherinet - my TSH has always been normal, T3 and T4 normal too...only my thyroid antibodies were WAY off. Very few doctors will test the antibodies, which doesn't make sense as most people with Hypothyroidism have the autoimmune type. Go to the top thyroid website and go to one of those doctors. I've been misdiagnosed and suffered with symptoms for years. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Top Thyroid Docs

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When I was first diagnosed my tsh was off, but Catherinet, I do believe that I had had hypothyroidism for Years before that and it had gone undiagnosed, as I was always tired and had a low temp. My regular M.D. back in the 70's would give me vitamin B shots. Later on an endocrinologist diagnosed me with hypothyroidism when my hair started falling out and I became cold intolerant.

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Have been taking thyroid replacement for 30 years. I had two thyroidectomies which left me without. Was on Synthroid, Armor, Lyvothyroid at different periods of time and to one of the "Top Docs". Most doctors really don't seem to care about our "lowly thryroid", it is like a boring part of the job for them.

Just moved and needed a new doc, but changed to another as I knew my tests were off and needed adjustment to the thyroid replacement. First guy didn't care and said to let it alone. The 2nd doc agreed that the tests prior were not thorough. Everytime a doctor was seen during many years, they'll tell me something different, or at least new to the scheme of thyroid. None of them seem to be on the same page. Current Dr. asked me if I had taken my replacement and when the test was done...yes and morning. Said this would skew the results, so going back for another set. And this guy does care about getting all right.

I have done great health wise and only a few times has there been an issue connected to thyroid replacement. Currently synthroid, but am considering going to Levothroxin as it has become monitored much more in recent years for stability. Sythroid also has it's own issues as does ARmor, etc. All of which can be very individual, sometimes right and sometimes wrong.

Our job is to learn as much as we can and help the docs get it right. There are too many variables for each of us and we are the ones that know our bodies.

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I also take this but I am still tired. Blood test say I am in normal limits. I didn't know about the empty stomach thing. Why is that? I guess I can try that and see if that helps. I am always tired. I could sleep 24/7 I take 125mcg. I had half of my thyroid removed because of a tumor.

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Hi, I had to chime in after reading. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over 20 yrs ago. I also had been on various thyroid meds and am now on Armour Thyroid, only because I am allergic to the blue dye in my old med. There is not another brand in the strength I need without the blue dye. Armour has no dye, so I'm stuck with it. My thyroid fluctuates since being on the Armour. My temp is always 97.? Since Armour is a natural hormone derived from pigs, each batch will vary in strength. It also contains T3 and T4, which brings up another controversy, Do we need both? I saw an endocrinologist about 6 yrs ago and she did nothing to help. Now I'm post-menopausal and during menopause a BIG change occurred with my thyroid also. I'm sure gender, age and a number of other factors have some important affects on our thyroid output.

I would hope that if we all could bring our issues up to the proper places, that more research could solve the thyroid mystery.

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Just had to jump in here too. I have only been
taking thyroid medication for about 3 years now.
One of my indications was (aside from the sluggishness,
etc.)my cholesterol kept climbing.

I am now taking Levoxyl Tabs - 75 mcg. It is right on
the instruction sheet that comes with every medicine -
"take on empty stomach, and do not eat for 1/2 or 1 hour".
It is one of the Levoythroids.

I feel much, much better and my cholesterol is back
where it should be.

My temp is still low - Usually about 96 - but it has
been all my life.

Amazing how simple it has been to feel so much better.

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I got my lab results back and my TSH was .116 can anyone clue me in on what that means? Thanks! I am extremely tired and was hoping to increase my thyroid meds but doc said no can do.

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I'd talk to your Dr. and see what his reasoning is,
and/or what it means. I couldn't begin to second-guess him.

The median TSH range I have seen is: Low:0.27
High: 4.2

Pretty big range it looks like. I have seen a couple
of these medians, and they don't vary a lot.

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I am on synthroid for the 2nd time in my life. First was when I wwas 15 but symptoms got better for a few years and I discontinued meds. Now I'm 25 and again labs show hypothyroidism. I've been on meds again for a month, and I'm exhausted to the point of misery. I'm curious in the difference between synthroid meds and levo meds... Why the big difference? Has anyone experienced great success with synthroid, and if so, how long to see positive results?? Thanks

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I have hypothyroidism and take Synthroid. When my bloodwork was first done, my levels were at an unheard of 17.4 (2 is perfect, but anywhere from .45 - 4.5 is a healthy range) and they put me on .05 of synthroid. My numbers dropped to 11 so they put me on .075, it went down to 8 so now I am on .1 and I can't believe the difference the year of trial and error has helped me. I used to sleep up to 20 hours a day, now I am good with 12.

If anyone else experiences this, I'd love to hear your story.

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I was on synthroid but now on Lthyroxine.Usually gain weight with hupo or hard to lose

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Hello! My name is Madeline and I work at Hatherleigh Press.
We�ve recently released a book titled The Functional Approach to Hypothyroidism by Kenneth Blanchard, MD. The book offers new insights into treatments and diagnoses, which bridges the gap between the traditional and modern approaches to hypothyroidism. Dr. Blanchard has dedicated his career to helping those affected by this disease.
This book provides an indispensable and up-to-date overview for the tens of millions of people affected by this disorder in the United States, and we would really like to hear your thoughts about it. We are ready to share some review copies of the book and hear your feedback. To receive a review copy, please send an email to info@hatherleighpress.com. These review copies are limited so please let us know your interest and mailing address.
For more information on the book please feel free to visit our Facebook page:
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There is some help at stop the thyroid madness. she gives ALL the info!

Do NOT go generic. Please. Do NOT. My daughter has hashis and is GLUTEN INTOLERANT too! She was wiped out until they ran allergy/sensitivity tests on her. She also takes T3 which helps her sooo much.

Dr. Brownstein helped us with Lugols' or Iodoral iodine. This stuff is so important. Is this thyroid issue because of our food? Our baked goods?

Did you know Iodine was once in our baked items? Then it was removed and all thyroid heck broke out. So the more important people that run our lives added iodine to salt - and then what happened? SALT IS BAD!! so UP goes the goiters, the issues.

Why trust them any longer with YOUR health. They are paid shills.

Do the reading. The research. See what works FOR YOU. Don't let those highly educated knowit alls tell YOU you are fine because your blood work says so. There are many more in the sea! How would they like to be told that?

Be healthy. Be happy. Don't be fooled and ruled. Get the info.

Good luck.

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