Looking for Under Carpet Electric power supply system

tyjyAugust 7, 2012


Are you aware of an UNDERCARPET electric power supply that can go under rolled/wall to wall carpet vs. carpet tiles? We looked into the AMP system but read it's for carpet tiles only. : /

(We want an outlet in the center of the great room for furniture that's "floating" away from the walls. The existing floor is concrete slab and it's quite the difficult/dirty/risky job to cut into the slab to run a conduit pipe, etc. The sofa is electric recline and we'd like a couple lamps. Hoping to avoid the vinyl strip thing that covers an extention cord running on top of the carpet from the wall plug to the center of the room).



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I have to imagine that a wiring system such a the Tyco/AMP system is going to be pretty pricey and not a DIY job.

You'd probably be better off hiring an electrician and letting him install traditional floor boxes. Any competent electrician isn't going to be drilling into pipes in your slab.

There's a current thread in the electrical section that deals with the same subject.

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Thanks mike! I appreciate your response.

I know that AMP system is $600-700 but it appears it's for under carpet tiles/squares and not rolled carpet unfortunately (unless there's some sort of cut-proof cover shield we're unaware of).

There isn't any pipes under this slab so cutting the channel in the concrete for conduit (as described in the electrical thread) may be our only solution. We figured hiring a contractor/electrician would be at least the $600-700 we'd pay for the AMP so may as well try for an AMP type system due to less mess or risk of possible cracking the slab.

I am just hoping someone knows of an alternative to the AMP system that's used under ROLLED carpet in particular.

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