shaw anso nylon carpet

alwaysadaylateAugust 16, 2013

I am looking at the shaw anso nylon sincere beauty II and III which apparently is the same carpet as the signature styling II and III. We are replacing carpet in 4 bedrooms, upstairs hallway, and a split staircase.

The II is 39 oz, 6 twist, and approximately 1800-1900 density. The III is 46 oz, 6 twist, and around 2200 density.

I am concerned about the height of the pile of III which may lead to matting. The II has a lower pile, but I am extremely concerned about the lack of ounces. I don't know why I am concerned....I just know I am suppose to be because the ounces are so low. Any advice?

I can no longer put this decision least this is what my husband has said. Any advice,help or insight from experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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face weight has little to do with 'wear'. Its the twist level thats important. If its a frieze style carpet it won't show any wear as your walking on the sides of the yarn vs the tips of the yarn. Base grade carpet is 26oz so 39 or 46 are substantial upgrades. Carpet is not sold by specs so if your looking for the bigger # must be better. 'Talk to an experienced carpet salesperson who can educate you a bit. If you looking at a box store your not going to get correct info.

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I happen to think density is most important. I have seen very dense, but average twist carpets do very well in high traffic areas. Not sure if the difference between 2200 and 1900 is all that significant though.

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