a VERY bad year for me

archimedesNovember 28, 2007

It started out in April of this year with the sudden loss of my pet Moluccan cockatoo, Corky. When I awoke, I found him at the bottom of his cage. I rushed in and picked him up to find out what was wrong only to have him pass away in my arms. He was only 19 years old. At least twelve of those years were with me.

Then on July 3rd, my cousin who has been fighting cancer since being diagnosed in 2004, was told that there was no more the doctors could do for him and that he had only 6 to 8 months left. On October 3 his sister-in-law called to let us know that he had just passed away.

Thinking that things couldnÂt get any worse, my grandmother on Nov. 6th just five days before her 90th birthday, suffered what doctors call a silent stroke. They said there was little hope of her making it through that night.

She proved them wrong. By Thanksgiving she back walking short distances and her speech was almost back to normal. She had to, Thanksgiving everyone planed to be there this year. When we took pictures, someone realized that there were five generations in the picture.

Then on the evening of Nov. 25th, my cousin called and said that the paramedics were there working on grandma. He said that they had already used the paddles on her three times but were having a hard time getting her to respond and that he would call back when they were taking her to the hospital. A half hour latter he called back and said that she didnÂt make it. Her funeral is this Saturday, December 1. But what makes it harder for me is that my grandmother and I both share the same birthday.

Thanks for letting me post this. I didnÂt think it would help, but it has.


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You have had a rough time. Remember the good times and the good memories and take one day at a time. Tears are healing and memories are good.

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Oh, I am sorry to hear of your losses - it is especially difficult when the holidays are upon us. My husband died last April, and I am really dreading the next few weeks - Christmas was one of his favorite holidays.

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I am very sorry for your losses! What a tough year you've have had. They say time is the answer. I also lost my pet of 13 years. Ryley. He was my min poodle. Four months later I lost my Dad. Like I said they say time is the answer.
Please know that you are not alone.


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