Portstone imitation brick: Anyone used it?

zookeeper93August 31, 2010

I am considering this product in several applications. The first being a master bath (and closet)flooring and shower walls, instead of tile.

Of coarse, my mind starts running and I'm thinking, all the other places I could use it.

I really love the look of brick inside a house, and when we built 12 years ago, I just could not afford to put it indoors with all the other 'not easily, econimically replaced' upgrades. Plus, while I love my pinkish brick exterior, it would be so boring indoors.

I'm also wondering about cost. The closests place to me is over an hour drive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Portstone

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I was going to use it in my kitchen--until I found an original 1800s brick chimney behind a cabinet that will now be part of the design. Now--too much brick, and also the Portstone doesn't look the same as the real stuff when they are side by side, I think because of the shine more than anything. I did order a sample from them ($25, but worth it as I had no dealer within 3 hours or more), they are nice as can be about answering questions too. I think you can order directly from them if the dealer is too far.

I believe last fall when I asked, the prices were somewhere between $4.50-6.50 sq/ft depending on the size of the paver. It was definitely cheaper than the real brick pavers (over $8 sq/ft). I really liked the product, just didn't work for me style-wise in the end.

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Thanks Honey
The closest dealer is 90 miles away. I may go up and look at their samples, as they have also done the sidewalk outside their store, in the color and size I am thinking of. I do love the look of real brick, natural stone, and wood. For me and my application though, it is going over existing slab (closet/bath floor) and front walk/porch and back porch. It needs to be thin, like a tile.
I just called and a recording told me that the number was not accepting incoming calls. Weird.
The store closest to me quoted 9.99sf installed or $8 cash and carry. I have emailed for a quote + shipping.

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Don't use it. It is fragle and breaks easy. I called to ask questions about the installation process and described in detail what I was up against. They said " oh you should not have any problems". Kinda tells me they don't understand alot about flooring. Their poor advise cost me $1000. I had to remove the floor two day after it was set because it would not stick to my slab. When I called them about my sitiation they said to bad, so sad. CAUTION, CAUTION,CAUTION, stay away from this product and this company.

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This is in response to the post by rjdworth. This person did purchase a floor from us. He did ask for installation advice. We gave him the best advice we could, being 600 miles away, and totally based on the information Mr. Rjdworth provided. His problem was not with the product PortStone but rather with his installation method or material. We did not provide the setting materials, which actually does all the "sticking". He purchased that from Lowes.

According to what he told us, he installed this floor himself, he got the same installation advice from Lowes that he got from us. According to Mr. Rjdworth, Mapei, the thin-set manufacturer refused to talk with him regarding the fact that the thin-set for whatever reason did not "stick" to his concrete. According to Mr. Rjdworth, the thin-set did adhere properly to the PortStone.
We are truly sorry he had a problem and even though his was not a PortStone related problem, we offered him a generous discount on a replacement floor. We have thousands of very satisfied customers and would liked to have counted Mr. Rjdworth among them.

I know that this post may get deleted and there is the possibility that any link to PortStone's website could be banned forever from this site according to The Gardenweb's policies due to my posting here, however, when Mr Rjdworth emailed me with a link to his post here and stated that he intends to post as many negative things about our company as he can everywhere he can, I felt the only thing to do was to respond as factually, yet gently as possible. There is a link on our website that goes to our customer response page. I'm not going to provide the link here because I don't want to violate the Gardenweb's policy, but any of you interested can probably find it with a simple google search. We gladly provide contact information with our customers approval to anyone who asks.

In closing, I do apologize for airing dirty laundry in public, but I simply couldn't let something like this go unanswered. And, no one here would ever say "Too bad, so sad" to any of our customers, or to anyone else for that matter.

John Manor
PortStone Mfg. Corp.

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Mr. Manor,

I hope your post does not get deleted, considering the claims the poster made against your product and customer service, I think a rebuttal is only fair and definitely warranted.

BTW, I looked around your site (never having heard of your flooring before this thread), great looking floors, I'd love to have it in my kitchen (if I can talk my husband into that DIY project. lol).

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Mr. Manor,

I too hope that your post does not get deleted.

The situation that rjdworth finds himself in is indeed very unfortunate. However, throwing a public tantrum to tarnish the reputation of a company known for excellent customer service is juvenile.

If anything, your prompt, polite response to his tirade has convinced me to use your product for my kitchen remodel. I have been researching this product but have been concerned about the fact that there are not any local vendors. Dear hubby and I will have to drive.

However, if your customer service is as prompt and considerate as your forum posts, I will feel much better about calling for help if I run into any problems.

Kudos on your youtube videos, btw! They were very fun to watch and illustrated the installation process well enough for even this novice do-it-yourselfer to understand.

-M in Savannah, GA.

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Anyone on the MS gulf coast used Portstone imitation brick? I have to place kitchen flooring in a retirement home I'm buying and wonder how well it actually holds up so far as looks over several years. Also very, very big concern that no post addressed..how does it feel under foot. I don't want to actually feel like I'm on very uneven hard surface. Some styles look fairly smooth on their site and I love the way it looks online.

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We have installed this product in a small bathroom on the floor, shower floor, shower walls and shower ceiling. The installer was amazed at the product and we were knocked out after the installation. We visited a friend in Texas who installed over 10,000 square feet of it and it was the first time we saw it in person. It is a beautiful product. Today I sealed the tile. I wish the sealer wasn't so glossy but it is absolutely beautiful. Dennis has been very helpful since we live in coastal SC and only dealer is 2 hours away. He sold us everything we needed to install the tile. The picture I am attaching is after the sealer but before we installed the fixtures. I will post again when the entire room is finished.

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I am wondering if anyone has any more pictures of installed Portstone willing to share. Zookeper93, KimBBPhillips, anyone else? I am also considering using it and would appreciate additional information. Thanks in advance.

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