Putting image on web page - I need help please!!

Greg_CADecember 20, 2001

I've tried too many ways, to just get a simple picture on my first practice web page. Some how it's not finding the right directory. I'm just using notepad and the browser offline, the other HTML functions seem to work fine.

Here's what I have.

[IMG SCR=C:/My Documents/Trees/"8loopy.JPG"]

[]replaced by

Do any spaces or CAPS matter? The filemname is "8loopy.JPG"

exactly with the caps on JPG.

It's been driving me crazy, I would be thankful of any help.


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Is this a webpage that is on your hard drive? Or is it a webpage space provided by a host on a remote computer(remote means a different computer than yours). If the webpage is on your hard drive, i would make a folder under "C" and call it html. Then in the folder put your html document and all related files including pictures. When you open your browser and click file/open and browse to the html folder and click the html document you will see the webpage.

The coding should look like this on your webpage if every file related to the page is in html folder.

(img src="8loopy.jpg")

It is not good to use any caps in file names or extensions with html files. Many webspace hosts do not allow CAPS. Some Unix host puters wont even read caps in file extensions so the picture doesnt show on your webpage. All you get is a blank space with a red X in the corner.

If this html file is on a server then you need to put the image in the same folder on the server and use the same coding on the webpage. you CANNOT call for a picture on your computer from your webpage on a host computer. Get a free FTP program and learn how to use it to transfer your files to the webpage space on the host server.


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Thank you James, I do need a little more organization skills. I hadn't put any files up to a server yet at that time, was just trying it on my browser from my computer. It does look easiest to keep all files in the same folder, without a seperate folder for images. Is that what your saying?

Some of my folders are named with caps and spaces, is that a problem, and do the need to be exact?

I gave up on trying it just from my computer, and started my first web page at Angelfire. I was suprised at how easy it was. The pictures showed up just fine there, except for the ones in the seperate images directory. So I just put them in the files folder and it works great. I will have to try a little more testing to get them from other folders.

Thanks for yor help. Happy Holidays.


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It doesn't show because you need to put quotes right after the equal sign after img src="8loopy.jpg" and of course, the around it all. Use lower case and you don't need to use C: or my documents, etc.

When I make my webpages, I also use notepad and write my own HTML..

Take a look


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