trellix web and tripod?

justluvtocraftDecember 26, 2003

i found in my computer. a program called trellix web. it must have come with my epson printer. cause an epson box comes up in front of it when i open it.

well trellix is a program that is used to build a website for dummies like me who don't know computers well or any of the html language.

i have designed a few pages and wish to post to tripod. my question is............anyone out there familiar with this and do i want just a very basic plan to start out? the trellix file says it is 1.37mb in documents. is that a small file? will it fit on basic tripod.

i want a site without ads. and will all this take place through my current server? they will host a site for me but they want to create it. do i have to pay a fee to both tripod and my server if tripod is my host?

i hope you can make some sense of this. i don't know how else to ask the question.

tripod will provide me with the domain name and space.

trellix lets me build the pages to upload.

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Ask Tripod.

I nkow if you want no ads you have to pay them.

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You'll need both trelllix and tripod to have FTP to just upload them, if not your going to have to copy and paste somewhere and then upload images to matching sub-directories as what trellix created.

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