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Laurie3333December 16, 2001

I have a website on Geocities but it's my own domain name, not Geocities. Geocities just hosts it. I am able to publish my site using Frontpage 2000 and everything there is fine. My question is regarding Geocities subdomains. You can add a subdomain to the FRONT of your regular domain if you want (up to five). So I created a family website at (this is an example): (my regular domain name being

so how do I publish just to the family section???? I've looked all over geocities, I've searched the help files on FP2000 and looked over the internet. Someone else saw my question on another newsgroup and had the same exact question. Geocities doesn't tell you how to publish to that subdomain. Anyone have any ideas????? It's driving me mad!!! : )

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perhaps FP2000 is confused about the directory to the sub domain. The sub domain should be a folder that is in the laurie3333 folder. I personally prefer to use my Leap FTP program to publish to my webpage at Geocities. Perhaps if you tried a FTP program it would show the family folder at your website.


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