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ceebeeDecember 5, 2002

I paint pictures and want to use the LAKE applet in some of question do I make the HTML code for the painting? I am not savy on HTML, so it is all new to me. I do have the tutorial for the applet, but need to get painting ready with the code made.

Thank you for any help you may share.


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? I am confused so I may not answer the question you are asking.

An applet is java code, not html. If you wish to include it in a webpage using html then
>applet code="appletname" width=999 height=999/appletput the height and width in pixels
the applet name is the name of the class file, so it would be appletname.class. Applet code knows to look for .class files

Put the .class file in the same directory with the html file.

Reverse the braces, I put them in each reversed so you can see the code.

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Thanks prettyphysicslady...that showed me I had no idea what I was asking.
It was nice of you to try to explain to me..I do have Jave web, however.


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