Which specialist for a back surgery.

phoggieJune 19, 2013

I am pretty certain I am headed for lower back surgery....bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and a cyst...but have been told both ways...should I go to a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon? I have no pain when I sit or lay down, but I wobble like a duck so walking is very painful. I have already had two hips and a knee replaced, as well as 3 fusions in the upper part of my neck.

If I knew for certain the back surgery would improve my wobble and balance, I would do it, but I have had severe nerve damage in the one leg that one of the hips was replaced...this surgeon also put the joint in on a 30 degree angle and my other one is in straight! No one can seem to tell me just WHAT is causing my wobble!

Any and all help is appreciated...it would be more I am getting here!

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It sounds like that your bones and cartridges are being destroyed. You can keep going to surgeons the rest of your life or look into fixing the problems, instead of treating the symptoms. Allopathic doctors love to treat symptoms it is good for business. Naturopaths go after causes and rebuild bones and joints. Check out Dr. Joel Wallach

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I did a search and it looks that what you think I need is a chiropractor...been there, done that...it was through them that they said they could not do anymore for me and I needed to contact a surgeon.

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Usually a Neurosurgeon who specializes in spine procedures. They have more extensive training but high volume experience in the specific surgery you may need would be the better decision metric in my opinion.

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Chiropractors do not help you regrow bone and cartridge. You need to get more of the minerals and gelatin to regrow what is missing.

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where are you getting your information doug?

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Veterinarians have been curing animals of all these problems for years by giving the animal what it needs and letting natural do it's thing. When you apply what they have done in animals to humans it works.
Check out Dr. Joel Wallach

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I've check out Dr. Joel Wallach, who by the way is a "veterinarian, naturopathic physician" not an MD and from my google searches and reading the info, he appears to be nothing more than an "snake oil salesman" who is taking advantage of those that fall for his claims of cures and treatments that will make some feel better and maybe they do. Maybe some do feel better as they fall for the placebo affect of his recommendations that have not be scientifically proven.

I take my pets to a vet and myself, my husband and my children when they where young to a doctor that treats humans, not animals.

When Dr. Wallach can show, with double blind scientific studies, that his claims are more than a snake oil salesman, well then I will further check out his claims.

Until then, I've seen enough on a simple google search to see that he is an excellent snake oil salesman and makes millions selling his claims and treatments to those looking for a treatment that will aid them when there is no other.

Remember ground peach pits where the big rage once to cure cancer and it was nothing more than the same kind of snake oil salesman treatment that took advantage of those in need and didn't do anything to save their lives.

Vets are for animals, treat animals, no human beings.

Doug, you sound like Dr. Wallach's personal salesman and all of your posts refer people to check him out and in doing so, by way of a google search one comes up with just about every possible site that he has on the web to advertise and sell his products.

That's an indirect way of circumventing the rules of the forum in an attempt to sell a product. Do you make money on any sales of Dr Wallach's products?

Here is a link that might be useful: factual info on Dr Wallach, not the hype

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I think you know that there are people, paid by the pharmaceutical companies to go on forums to discredit anything that are not pharmaceutical drugs and discredit anyone who is not a MD. They have been doing that for many years and people are starting to wake up to it. They normally use the name (sceptic) on the forums. The pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars off of the sick and without any cures who is the snake oil salesman. I do not promote anything, only giving alternative options.
Pharmaceutical studies are usually done on animals first before they are done on human beings. If they are successful then they are done on humans only if there is a profit to be made. These companies canâÂÂt have it both ways. If someone would sell bottled water and say it cured dehydration the FDA would through them into jail, and force the removal of the product. The reason being there has never been a double blind study done, so the statement would be considered false.
Naturopath doctors help people also.

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If your post is an attempt to imply that I work for any pharmaceutical company, you couldn't be any more incorrect if you tried.

I've been a member of GW since 2003, long before you joined, long before Ivillage bought GW from the original owner "Spike".

I have been posting on various forums on GW, mostly garden ones since I joined, but what I am not is any representative of the pharmaceutical companies; and I certainly don't go posting false hope information on any kind of medical issues, medical information or any other kind of dribble that gives false hope to people, provides information that they should take supplements that have no safety checks within the US, or any of the other info that you have posted that lacks fully credited studies.

As for your ridiculous example, you bet the FDA would shut them down possibly have them end up in jail. Attempts to make claims of "curing hydration" are absurd and there is no such thing.

I see that you are from the Dominican Republic and maybe info is different there than in the US.

I stand by what I have posted and always will, the info you post is inaccurate, potentially dangerous, if not outright dangerous and people need to be very, very, very cautious with supplements and combining them with prescription, as well as over the counter medications.

Your alternative options are just plain dangerous and have been proven to be.

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The medical system as it is, is a failure. It bankrupts people and countries. The number one cause of bankruptcy in the US is the medical system.
After giving trillions of dollars to the pharmaceutical companies we got nothing.
Last major disease cured was polio in the late 1950's. One would think with all the technology since then, more diseases would have been cured. But curing diseases and cancer is not in the best interest of the health care industry. Can you imagine all the money lost if there were a cure for any cancer? Billions of dollars would be lost and thousands of people in the health care industry would be out of work. Follow the money and you will see why nothing will ever be cured! Not even the common cold. The otc drugs for colds and flu only treat symptoms, not the cause.
$300 billion a year spent on prescription drugs alone last year
A surprising 17 percent of the doctors surveyed had direct, personal knowledge of an impaired or incompetent physician in their workplaces, said the study's lead author, Catherine DesRoches of Harvard Medical School.
One-third of those doctors had not reported the matter to authorities such as hospital officials or state medical boards.
Some of the medical lies that are accepted as true
Lies, Damn Lies and Medical Research
Medical lies medical fraud

The medical monopoly is to big to fail and to evil to expose

Sorry if you think the medical doctors are some sort of Gods and that the pharmaceutical companies are working for your health. and anything else is a fraud

Like in the Matrix you can take the blue pill and it will all stay the same or take the red pill and wake up to find that the medical system is killing people

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I would say a neurosurgeon. I live in Canada and would need a referral to either a neuro or an ortho - your primary care physician should be able to make the right referral for you. I have not had back surgery myself, but my uncle did - and I used to have 2 mini Dachshunds who had worst case back/neck disc disease. Their surgeries were performed by neuro surgeons. If our current dog developed a leg problem such as Patellar Luxation or a torn ligament, we would see an ortho. I realize of course that you are a person, but since so many human procedures are first tested on dogs, I am answering - neuro - in your case. I hope everything works out for you.

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Sorry, I spelled it wrong. The title is physiatrist. That person should be able to figure out what will help and give you one or more referrals. Best wishes!

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