Positional Vertigo

Dotty9June 23, 2004

Quite some time ago,I put in a post about dizziness. Have had it for a long time,and just gradually gets worse. I get so dizzy at the hairdressers when I get my shampoo,I feel like I'm going to fall down when I get out of the chair.
Just recently,I went through some very extensive tests,and I have recently been diagnosed with Positional Vertigo.

The way they explained it to me was, that there are chrystals in the inner ear,and there are 3 connecting canals attached to the inner ear. If these chrystals in the inner ear get dislodged,and separated,they float into these connecting canals,and will cause dizziness.

I have just started therapy for this, and its the weirdest thing I've ever gone through.I'll try to explain it as briefly as I can.

First,you sit on the edge of a table,they have you turn your head way to the left,and hold it there without moving it. Then,on the count of 3,the therapist has you swing your legs up on the table,then lie down quickly. She hold your head in that position for about 20 seconds,then has you sit up very quickly. The room really goes around at that point.

Then she has you do the same thing,only this time,you're lying on your back,with your head hanging over the edge. She actually shakes your head gently for about 20 seconds,then sit up quickly.

I have to do this once a week,for about 5 or 6 weeks.
Don't know if it will help or not,but its my only shot at it. The Neurologist that I went to said there is no medication for this,and they have had success with therapy for this. Of course,everyone is different,so may not work for everyone; sure hope it works for me.

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Wow! that sounds like some wild therapy!

I have the same problem, but only with one ear. I have found that spending about two or three days laying on the couch with the bad ear up, fixes it up. The little crystals seem to float back into position. I am also very careful at that time not to turn my head to that side. I have learned (the hard way,LOL) that I need to do this as soon as possible after I start feeling that swirly feeling in my head.

I don't think that there is a perminant cure. but by doing this and watching how I hold my head when I am up during an attack, takes care of it. An anti-nausea pill such as Bodine or Dramimine will make me sleepy, but helps if the attack is bad enough to cause me to vomit.

I have a friend with the same problem. She went through all the tests and since only one ear was involved, her doctor told her to do the same thing.

A warning to anyone with a vertigo problem. You really MUST get the proper diagnosis for this. Other things, such as brain tumors, blockages, etc. can cause the same symptoms and it is so important to treat properly and promptly.

Good Luck with your therapy. I am interested in how it all comes out for you.

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PB; They told me the same thing.My problem is on the right side,so I have to sleep on my left side,which is the side I like to sleep on anyway. Also,for 24 hours after my treatment,it's important to keep my head just straight,no tipping it up or down. And,I have to sleep in a reclining position for 1 or 2 nights after a treatment.

Like I mentioned before, having my hair washed at the hair dressers,really makes me dizzy after I stand up, so I think from now on,I'm going to have to wash my own hair at home,in the shower,then go to the hair dressers to get it cut.

You sound like you have yours in control,and know what to do. I did have an MRI that ruled out brain tumor.Thank God for that.

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Sounds as if you are on the way!! Good!!

When I first started with it, the attacks came every couple of months. As I learned to take care of it quickly, there was an increase in the time in between attacks. I going to cross my fingers when I say this, but after a couple of years, they stopped. It's been a long time since I had problems. But I make it a point to sleep on the proper side just in case.

Let's hope you are as lucky.

It's not uncommon for women to have dizzy spells while they get their hair washed. It seems that the pressure of bending the neck back over the sink effects the nerves or blood supply or something, (I forget all the details) in the neck.

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PB, Thats great that you havn't had an attack for that length of time.You described it just the way I heard it,about the blood supply being cut off in the back of the neck,with the pressure against the sink.

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I have had several vertigo attacks now, and I am NOT taking any meds. However I do the exercises explained in this article about 4 times a week, or when ever I feel the dizzyness coming on. This works GREAT for me, and I hope, this will help others too.

Check this link, and scroll down to:


These exercises were recommended by my Dr. So far they have always helped.

Warning: the first time, I could do the whole set only once, because of dizzyness.


Here is a link that might be useful: vertigo

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I have had dizziness after washing my own hair in the shower for some time now. It is not pronounced, but it causes me not to be able to function. I feel like it is related to water in the right ear. The ear doc sees nothing. Thanks for your exercises; I will try them.

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Are you by any chance using a neck pillow when you sleep or relax in a chair. When I stopped using one 95% of my dizzy spells went away. I had an episode just today with reg neck pillow (w/out beans) no dizziness but eye episodes that are related to the dizzy spells. I won't ever use one again.

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Thank you for the wonderful therapy shared:)My younger sister had this problem of dizziness from past 2 years.Hope this therapy of yours would help.

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I am not sure if I have positional vertigo, but I experienced all the symptoms you are mentioning. I was so worried about it. So I tried to change my sleeping habit. I go to be early as possible about 9 or 10 pm and get up at 6 or 7 ( to complete 8 hours) . I have daily exercise for at least 30 minutes. These steps make me feel better.

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What you have is called Wallach vertigo. This is osteoarthritis of the skull. there is a passage way from the ear to the brain through the skull bone and this is collapsing. You need to rebuild the bones and joints. You could start with calcium, magnesium, glucosamine, and chondroitin. In time it will go away with nutrition.

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I had a neighbor who said she had vertigo, she went to the doctor for something else where she had an attack. The doctor said "that is not vertigo". Her doctor had to tested and it was an aneurism in her brain, a serious one. So be sure you get it checked out by a neurologist.

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As long as this is on the ear & problems, may I ask this seemingly crazy question?: I can make my ears "click'! At first I would just notice it when I swallowed but then realized I can do it at will .... the 'clicking' but doctors just looked at me like I was kidding! My sister has it also & says her son can actually hear it when she does it! Now is this crazy or what or can others do it.. & is is heriditary? I was told people are told to try & do this in airplanes to eqalize the pressure but a lot of persons find it difficult to do ... surely not ME!! Sorta like 'cracking one's knuckles' out of boredom?! Sorry for this distraction!
My sister-in-law has the ear problem of this type of vertigo for years & also was shown how to lay down in the proper position & do the things mentioned by others. It helped for a while but soon the vertigo took over her life & she was an invalid from it! Had a surgery to severe a nerve in that ear but was warned she might lose her hearing in that ear permanently ... and she did! She says losing the hearing was less worse than the awful vertigo/vomiting/falling she experienced before!

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@ EmmaR - good warning to all.

We see many patients complaining of dizziness - who are having a stroke.

A new, sudden onset of dizziness, especially if risk factors for a stroke (high blood pressure, smoking, increased age, high cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, heart disease, or on anticoagulants [blood thinners]), warrants ambulance transport to an emergency department. The good news is we now can treat many strokes and prevent severe disability.

Here is a link that might be useful: diagnostic test

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My dizzy spells were brought on by the stress of taking care of my husband. When I finally put him in a care home the dizzyness tapered off. I was using one of those bean neck pillow and that was contributing to the dizzy spells. I don't recommend anyone using those.

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Meditation and relaxation are good for our health and attack of dizziness and vertigo can be alleviated. Have you heard about the ear candles? What can you say about that? They say that it has soothing effect and good for relaxation.

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