How do I create a mouseover pop up menu...

DianaLDecember 8, 2003 Frontpage? It doesn't even have to be a mouseover, it could simply be a click/popup menu. I've downloaded several add-ins, but they will not work as they are only "demo" versions that don't seem to be working.

If someone knows a good HTML code, and doesn't mind posting it...I'd love them forever.

BTW, I'm not really good with code yet, so any helpful instructions to go along would be great.



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How you do it is you get the free code from a website that offers it and you follow the instructions to use it.

I found one of the many at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I had thought of offering the same advice about all the free codes out there, Diana. But I wasn't sure what a click/popup menu was.

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