Anyone on meds for High Cholestrol?

mboston_gwJune 17, 2010

I was just put on Crestor for high cholestrol. I am wondering what meds people are given. I know that Crestor is a statin and that there are others like Lipitor and Zorcor. Am trying to see if one has sideaffects that others may not. A friend of ours had been on Crestor and had muscle pain that he finally attributed to the Crestor. He is a good tennis player and also a pharamacist. He saw muscle pain as a sideaffect way down on the list and changed to Zorcor and hasn't had any problems. Just wondering what others are using and having success with.

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I'm on Zorcor 40 mgs and doing fine. I'm 57 years old. Can't recall any side affects.

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I'm been taking Zocor also, for several years. I've had no problem either. I'm no expert, but I've seen some info on using CoQ10 supplements when taking statin drugs. Apparently the statin drugs can in some cases lower the body's natural levels of CoQ10. And that,in some cases, might lead to a muscle problem (rhabdomyolysis). Use of CoQ10 supplements to possibly avoid the chance of this is controversial. But I figure it can't hurt to take it. BTW, when taking statin drugs, avoid drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruit.

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What is CoQ10? I have read about that on other posts. I hate taking meds and it is a challenge for me to add more since I have now the Crestor and an aspirin as well as my GERD med. I have been told to take Calicum and a well balanced vitamin with good B complex. There are other meds like Allegra I take when needed. Hate having to keep up with it all and wondering about complications from taking all kinds of meds as I have allergic reactions that seem to come from nowhere.

So both responders take the Zorcor and not the generic? My pharmacy friend takes the generic and has not had any problems with it. With the cost of meds, I am willing to try it, couldn't take the generic for GERD, had to move to level 2 in our med plan.

Have been having problems keeping the potassium levels stable the last month or so. I know that has issues with kidneys, liver and heart. Have also been told to take potassium when it is out of the norm.

Getting older sucks!

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Getting old may suck, but getting dead of an early heart attack might suck even more.

I take 20 mg Lovostatin (generic) daily. Statins are not prescribed for people with high liver enzyme levels. A friend gave me the tip of taking Milk Thistle supplements. My liver enzyme levels started low but had started to rise after 3 yrs. Taking the Milk Thistle dropped them back by one-half exactly.

Co-Q10 is often recommended as well as a supplement to offset the statin side effects, but I'm allergic to it (hives).

Statins often give 'ghost pain'. It's an involuntary nerve impulse, annoying but not disabling. It should not happen frequently.

Grapefruit is contraindicated when taking statins; it increases the effect of them. I get intantly nauseous if I eat any or drink the juice. Pomegranate and cranberry have been indicated to show similar effects, but it takes a much greater quantity to effect a reaction.

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I took Zocor and had pains so bad in my lower back I would almost scream when I got out of bed in the morning. I was on a bus tour during this time and the guide told me her husband went on it and said he had the same pain in his feet. Felt like someone stabbing you with an ice pick. My
SD had such severe pain she had back surgery to help her pain. Found out it was the Zocor. Doctors say it can't cause that kind of pain, but I have talked to to many people who have had it and it goes away when zocor is stopped.

I am 73 and the last 5 years I have had 3 doctors say statins won't help you when you are as old as I am.

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I was on one of the original drug studies for high cholesterol many years ago before the drugs were available to the public & have been on one or the other kinds every since (I'm 73). The first may have been Lovastatin but I have also been on Lipitor & others but now have been on Vytorin now for a couple of years & though $$ it has helped me the most. My cholesteral problem is familial & seems not to be a tryglyceride problem. Thankfully, I have never had a muscle problem with any of the drugs & my Dr. has never indicated that they would not be of benefit to me because of age now. I also take cinnamon capsules & omega 3,6,9 fish oil capsules that my husband also takes for cholesteral & pre-diabetes. One of the statins MAY have been responsible for the tinnitis I got (& still have!)some years ago; over the years I have been on most of them at one time or another but most recently & the longest: Vytorin. My husband gets muscle aches x most of them so he now takes cholesteramine powder (?sp.)instead & it works for him w/o the side effects on the muscles.

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My husband and I are both taking Crestor. HE started on Lipitor, but it gave him muscle pain. The crestor does not.

According to the Mayo clinic, you can have grapefruit and take Crestor - but not with the other statins, so I enjoy them when I can find a good one. I am another who takes CoQ 10 just in case.

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Be careful of Omega 3 fish oil. My pharmacist said it can ruin your stomach. I take it for a blood thinner, I can't take even baby aspirin every day.

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Is anyone concerned with the fact that statin drugs damage liver and kidneys?

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My husband had a bad reaction to statins. He developed muscle weakness in his legs which never returned to normal. He took Lipitor and switched to Zocor. After a year of taking Lipitor, he developed difficulty going up and down stairs. He was concerned and had tests done and nothing could be found. After tripping and breaking his knee cap, his doctor finally suggested it could be the statin. He switched him to Zocor and the weakness progressed. He stopped all statins two years ago and can walk normally now but still experiences weakness when going up stairs.

He also used Niacin for 2 years but develped an allergy - itchy rash on his arms and face and had to stop that.

My husband was always an active, physical person who can no longer bike or go hiking, his favorite hobby. No amount of exercise has brought strength back to his legs due to these drugs.

These drugs can have serious side-affects and you need to watch carefully if you develop muscle weakness in your legs.


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I take blood pressure meds because I need them if I have any quality of life, but I won't take anything preventative, no flu or pneumonia shots, no cholesterol meds, etc.. I saw a doctor on TV and he said "I believe we are on the wrong track with Chlorestrol, it is suppose to flow through our blood streams and we have to find out what is making it harden". He thinks high blood count is the culprit. I read and research a lot and I pay attention to who wrote it and where studies were done. Drugs are driving the death rate up. I would be willing to bet it is the preventative stuff. They are very dangerous. And I will not take invasive tests because I would not treat cancer or have by pass surgery, etc.. I do not want to out live my memory. Alzheimer's and Dementia is rampant. My husband had cancer and heart problems, they saved his life, AZ took his life even though he was still alive. Mom Was very healthy physically, but had dementia and she lived years with it. I am not going there unless I have a stroke, become incapacitated and can't end my life. I finally found a doctor who will make suggestions on what he thinks I need to do, but will accept what I decide without nagging me to death. My dermatologist said he is not going to a care home. He said when he gets in bad shape he is going to call his vet. LOL he said he has meds that can drop a horse like that, snapping his fingers. I make every day count and enjoy the time I have left. I am 73 and can still out walk my kids. My life has been good, I have a positive attitude and I intend to enjoy the days I have left but I do not want to outlive my memory. I have met 3 people in the last 2 weeks who are making plans for when the time comes.

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My husband was on lipitor- he is a heart patient-he now has extreme weakness, poor balance, bad memory, severe weakness in arms and legs and YES it was caused by statin Drugs- he now takes large dose of vit c and fish oil. and B complex -Just makes me sick- this could have been prevented!!!
If you have any of this-- tell your doctor to do a cpk blood level test!

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GF's hubby took generic for Zocor & he woke up 1 day & couldn't stand alone. They were at their relatives out of state, they found the clinic & at 1st Dr. thought it was a flu but he just got weaker. Finally they said it was the statin drug & they had already given him antibiotics & started prednisone & he took it until he got home & had more tests & drs said same thing. Muscle weakness almost to point of unable to walk & dementia were from the drug. So Dr. in L.A. put him back on prednisone for months & he got much better, called it poly-something meaning many nerve & muscle weakness. After going off the prednisone last June, I think, he was doing OK, couldn't walk far tho & has had more testing & has dementia & is on 2 drugs for that. Such a shame! I have also mentioned neighbor & DIL took Zocor & both have Hashimoto's disease from it. DIL had 9 tumors that shrunk after she stopped taking it. Neighbor still is taking the statin & thyroid drug because of damage it has done but doesn't associate the 2 even after what happened to my DIL. It causes cancer in lab animals!

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