Has anyone successfully treated melasma?

jillyhouJune 25, 2007

I developed melasma more than two years ago during the last trimester of my pregnancy. It stayed relatively stable for the year I nursed after my son was born. ...But since then (and trying several treatments for it, unsuccessfully), it has continued to get worse and spread. I now have a huge splotch on my forehead...dark patches on my cheeks...and a slight darkening over my upper lip.

Has anyone else experienced this, and, if so, what did or didn't work to deal with it?



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As I understand it, it's very difficult to treat. One of the main things is to stay out of the sun. Another thing is that it seems to hormonal, so that birth control pills seem to make it worse. There are bleaching creams that a dermotologist might be able to help you with.
Does anyone else in your family have it? Sometimes it also seems to be a genetic problem.

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I tried bleaching creams, but the melasma actually got worse afterwards. ...No one in my family has this.

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I had a kind of large area on my cheek that was very persistent. I tried the creams too. I actually got a 'halo effect' as it's called around it. The thing that finally worked was having it treated with liquid nitro. It took two treatments and you have to be persistent about the healing. I have a very olive complection and I tend to scar brown instead of red. I have also had laser treatments to treat smaller dark spots. These malsma spots are deep! It takes a lot of any treatments and persistance against sun exposure to really get results and then keep them. As they say, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone! They are ugly and I swear they go bone deep!! Good luck. If you find anything that works better, please post it.

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Thanks for your reply. I, too, have an olive complexion...and have developed some lighter patches around the dark areas, which I think is a result of some of the bleaching creams I used. You mentioned the liquid nitro treatment. How successful was it for you? Did it completely get rid of your melasma? How long-lasting have the results been? (i.e. How long ago did you have it done...and how quickly did your melasma come back or re-darken, if at all, after your last treatment?)

Is this something that is done by a dermatologist? Just out of curiosity, where do you live? I am in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area. If where you had it done is at all near me, I would be interested in finding out the name of the doctor or place, if you don't mind sharing.

Thanks again.

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I've just started using invicible scars for treating melasma. I too am experiencing dark patches and darkening over my upper lip. I've heard great reviews for this product so i immediately bought it. People have cured melasma from this product and i'm pretty confident that it'll help me out too. Fingers crossed anyway

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Does Invicible work on keloid scars ?

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I don't have any treatment ideas but I have very black areas under my eyes caused by migraines & I cover them up with a makeup that works well for burn patients. My Dr. clued me in yrs ago. At least now no one wants to call the police or runs away from me. It's called Covermark & you can look it up on Internet it's manufactured in N.J. tho I used to be able to get it at 1 pharmacy yrs ago & then they stopped having it so I have to order direct. I get 3 oz. size & lasts at least a yr. it's $45 but they have once a year sale with $5 off. It comes in a lot of shades. You have to cover it with powder,they sell some but I just use Almay or CoverGirl as cheaper & don't have allergy problems with them. Good Luck!

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