Know anything about sinus infections?

alisandeJune 13, 2004

I had what felt like a sinus infection on the left side of my face in April. It started in my eye, went to the left side of my nose, ended up in my chest, but was nothing major. I didn't go to the doctor. I figured it would get better on its own, and it did.

Now I've got a sore throat on the left side only, an earache in my left ear, and an inflamed area of gum next to a left molar. I don't feel sick, just a little off. Could this be the sinus infection at work again? Or completely unrelated? Could the gum problem, for instance, trigger the sore throat and earache? I'm confused about what comes first, the chicken or the egg!



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Hi Susan! The symptoms of sinus infections and abcessed teeth can mimic each other. My father swore up and down he had a sinus infection one time and it turned out to be his teeth.

Most people I know with sinus infections have to take a strong dose of antibiotic, because the infection is usually resistant and a small short run of them won't help. Mainly because the infection hides so well it takes a while to get it all knocked out.

Get the dentist out of the way first. Rule out an abcess. If it's not the tooth, it's probably time to see a doctor and get on a round of antibiotics.

I know taking them is the pits, especially for we women if you know what I mean, but you need to go ahead and do it or you will continue to feel 'off'.

Sorry you have to deal with this with all the other things you have going on in your life!

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I doctored for sinus infection for a and on....knew it couldn't be a tooth, because that tooth had a root canal done. I would go on antibiotic and it would get better......then resurface.....
Finally it got VERY acute....miserable pain....swollen face etc......
Turns out there was a portion of the root missed in the root canal job....and I had infection on the root which rested on the sinus cavity.
Insist that the dr give you at least a 5 day Z pack....or a 10 day round of something....and do a throat culture before beginning that treatment.
Then if it returns....see a competent dentist.
Linda C

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Thanks, Karen and Linda. I had no idea teeth and sinus were so related. Duh...guess this is why we have dumb blonde jokes. :-)

I saw the dentist today. My molar has a root canal, too, so I didn't think it could be the cause. But he offered to take a look (and didn't charge me--nice guy!). He took an x-ray and said the tooth wasn't abcessed. But the gum around the tooth was infected, and he felt that was the cause of the throat and ear problems. He squirted some liquid antibiotic around the tooth, and told me to rinse with warm salt water 2x a day and peroxide 1x, and to use my Hydro Floss, and he felt that would take care of everything. Hope so.

Now I have a herpes cold sore on that side of my lip. :-(

Thanks again,


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Oh Susan! When it rains it pours. The cold sore could have been triggered by all the stress you have been going through lately lowering your immunity.

I hope you feel better soon!!!!!

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My husband went to our family doctor and they said he had a sinus infection. This was around Thanksgiving of last year. We both then got the flu bug on top of his sinus infection and were sick until about the 2nd week in February. We didn't think we were ever going to get over the flu and the weakness (needless to say, we will be getting the flu shots this winter). Anyway, back to the sinus infection...sorry, I got off track.

They gave him Z Pack for 5 days which was like taking candy for him. He was then put on an antibiotic...sorry, can't remember the name. He took two different prescriptions and went back to the family doctor and was given a third prescription. Wouldn't you think by now that none of this stuff is working? On top of this, he has high blood pressure & they keep pumping him with antibiotics that aren't working.

He never got better and we went to an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor in the same building. This doctor told him that sometimes antibiotics won't work for sinus infections and my husband had to go back 2 times for shots in his hips. These were $150 a shot. He was also given a prescription nasal spray and in a week, he felt so much better. He said this was the best he had felt since Thanksgiving. Morale of the story: go see an ENT doctor if you think you have a sinus infection.

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I went to an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor for strep but he wouldn't take a culture nor prescribe anything. Instead I got a lecture on why I was wasting his time.
A friend recommended that I see her homeopathic doctor which I did. Going to a homepoathic doctor was the best thing I ever did for myself. The homepoathic doctor cured my strep and staph.
My sinuses are getting better due to salt water irrigation.

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