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maryanntxDecember 20, 2001

I need to put a form on a webpage that can be filled in and e-mailed back to me. I have the complete Adobe program although I have never used it.

Can someone who has experience with this tell me if it's a complicated process or something that I can master during the holidays?? I want to put the mailto code in a submit button. Is this possible? Would appreciate any and all help!!! TIA


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There are thousand's of free scripts on the net which mail the content of a form to you. Just try a search.
I can also send you a small php-script wich does the trick.


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Niels, thanks for the response. Can you send me the php-script please?

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(form method=post action='mail.php' name="form1")
Your name: (input type="text" name="Name")(br)
Your current emailaddress: (input type="text" name="Email")(br)
(input type="submit" value="Go!")

Just a form above, can be anything you like. Just dont forget to give each field in the form a name and add a line to the mail.php with that name as follows:
Make a new file called 'mail.php' and place it in the same dir as the form.
$mail_to = "";
$mail_subject = "subject of the mail";
$mail_body = "You have got a new mail by form:\n\n";
if (isset($Name)==1) $mail_body .= "Name of user: $Name\n";
if (isset($Email)==1) $mail_body .= "Email of user: $Email\n";
mail($mail_to, $mail_subject, $mail_body);

That is about it: you can place other html-tags in the mail.php saying "Thank you for your mail" or whatever.

Good luck, if you need any help post back or mail me.


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Thanks Neil! I can see that I will be doing quite a bit of studying on this! The form that I plan to use will be a job application form. So that someone can go to the website, fill out the application, hit submit, and it is e-mailed to me. Do you think using the php script is the best way for this use?

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yup,.. php is the best (in my humbble opinion).


It works quite easy:
each part of the form has a name wich contains a value ppl fill in. That same name is used in the php-script. So you add boxes to the from and add lines to the php-script as much as you need.


P.S. If you send me a mail, i can do it for you if you think it will cost you too much time.

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