More 'Pennies from Heaven'

alisandeOctober 21, 2004

For those who didn't read this in the Kitchen Table forum:

We have talked about the "Pennies from Heaven" phenomenon--people finding pennies that would appear to be placed by loved ones who have passed away. This is quite common, and I read the explanation at some point that copper is relatively easy to be manipulated by a spirit. Something about electricity. In any case, soon after my daughter Jill died three years ago I began finding pennies, one at a time, in odd places. Before I made the connection I remember thinking, I can't have dropped this many pennies without realizing it!

The most recent two appeared just last week. Getting ready to have my floor refinished, I emptied out a bookcase and cleaned off the top. I used polish and everything--it was completely bare. I had also vacuumed the floor, paying special attention to the area under the wood stove, which tends to collect a lot of pet hair, particularly around one of the stove legs. I remember cleaning around that leg thoroughly. The next day I found a penny there, right at the leg. And I found one on top of the bookcase. I live alone, so no one was dropping them. Pennies from heaven.

Jill loved this house, and I think she's happy that I've been making improvements. She knows it hasn't been easy, and I think she was sending me encouragement and approval. And, as always, her love.


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Susan, I did read your post about this in the KT forum. I found this quite interesting. I had heard the term "Pennies From Heaven" but not really thought about what this meant. I realize that I have found pennies in some odd places where none should have been. I am going to pay more attention to this from now on. I think its great you posted this here and would interested in what other people have experienced along these lines.

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This is interesting. I haven't noticed if I found pennies in strange places but now if i do, i'll know my baby is around.

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Nell Jean

There are many 'signs' we're given if we're open to them. It may be as simple as a special song on the radio or as complicated as a gift from someone who could never have guessed what the object meant to you in connection to a loved one. A bird that acts 'different' than the other birds, a butterfly that hangs around somewhere besides your flowers, a note written before the death that turns up in an unlikely place; sounds, odors, feeling a touch. Something as silly as a turnip coming up in a flower bed. I'm sure others will add to the list.


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Nell, i agree with you. My sis Terri said that when her daughter (my niece) died, there were always butterflies in her backyard hovering around the deck. The butterflies were not there before. Jamie loved butterflies. Terri most definitely knew this was a sign from Jamie.


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Nell, I can relate to all those signs--except maybe the turnip. :-) You're right: Being open to them is key. I sometimes wonder what signs my mother might have provided for me after her death, signs I didn't see because at my young age (nine) such things didn't occur to me.

So many of my daughter's signs have to do with animals. No one who knew her is surprised at this.

One thing that did surprise me, though, is that not all of Jill's signs were experienced by close friends and family. Some were given to those I'd known a relatively short time. But I knew these people would become significant in my life.


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Always make sure that you check the dates on the pennies that you find. Dates are very significant also, when you find pennies.

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I believe in the Pennies fom Heaven. My DH always when he found a penny, said " the angels are here". When he passed in January, and I have to go to one of our rent houses and not feel confortable alone, and I always will find a penny or two. I had my home recarpeted last month. They took up all old, sweep, vac. and laid new. When they left and later that day, there up against the wall on top of new carpet, was a penny. I feel they come from DH. My son and I both believe this. May not be true, but it sure helps.

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Lu, can you tell us more about the significance of the dates?


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Very interesting posts, and I am glad that I am not the only one who believes in these "signs". This well explains the one hummingbird that I saw this summer. I have not seen one in over 20 years. About the pennies...if they are head up, I've been told to pick them up, but if they're tails up, it's sort of bad luck to pick them up. And yes, more about the years? Thanks!
Emma in PA

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Dates, times, and numbers have always been significant throughout the ages, even all the way back to biblical days. I just like to look at the dates on the pennies that I find to see if they are birthday years, or death years or any other significant year or number in my loved ones' lives.

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OMG -- this is SO amazing that I stumbled across this posting! I just lost my mother last month, after a terrible battle with brain cancer. I haven't come here to this forum too often -- I am mostly still in the Care Givers forum. But for some reason, today I wandered over here.

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing laundry in my apartment building and when I opened the dryer door to retrieve my clothes, there was a bright penny on the edge of the dryer rim. I immediately said, "Hi Mom" and gathered the penny and my clothes and went upstairs.

Another thing: lately I seem to have a fruit fly buzzing around me a lot. I was getting really annoyed, slapping at the thing (happened at work, home, in the car, etc.), and then I began to wonder if it was a sign from my mom! At which point I should apologize for swatting at her. (LOL)

I firmly believe that we all have the capability to sense visits from the other side; it's whether or not we know how to tune into that. I've come into my apartment and smelled (for example) Coty face powder. That is a very distinct fragance, unmistakeable to those of us who know it. And my aunt was the only one I've ever known who wore that powder.

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My grandson was in an accident Nov. 23rd & my daughter found a penny heads up everyday somewhere in the hospital till he died then after that one everyday since then today she walked past his bedroom door & found one outside his door. He is letting her know he is alright.

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i could write a book and this might end up being one...

the first penny i found after my husband's death 3 years ago is probably my favorite. i decided to replace the ramp to the shed where the lawnmower is stored. got all of his tools out and as i took apart the old ramp, i studied how he had built it. i noted 3 support boards. i figured if 3 was good, 4 would be better. i placed the first 3. as i was digging a trench for the 4th, near the end of my toiling, i looked up to the heavens and said "baby, if you're watching me, it would sure be nice if you'd send me a sign to let me know i'm doing this right!" seconds later, i scooped up the last shovelful of dirt and right there on top, there was my sign, a penny.

another one i found was a couple of weeks after gary's funeral. it was the day i went back to work, a day i had been dreading. i decided to fill my gas tank before i went to the office. i was weepy as i pulled into the station and what made it worse was that my regular spot, the pump i used every time for years, was occupied. not wanting to be late for work, i pulled around to the opposite side of the building, pulled up to a pump i had never used. i opened my door, stepped out, happened to look down at my feet and there it was, a penny.

i have a little basket on the fireplace mantle where i keep my pennies from heaven. i have saved every single one of them and my pile is growing. occasionally, when i am having a bad day, i will ask gary for a sign and inevitably, sometime during the day i will find a penny. :)

there have been numerous other signs, things i hear, see, feel, that let me know he is watching over me. my all time favorite, believe it or not, is a dog. gary always knew i had longed for a great dane but i never fulfilled that wish because i knew he would not be fond of having a pony in the house. a couple of weeks before he died, gary made me promise that when he was gone, i would get a dane. i poopooed the idea and told him he wasn't going anywhere even though, in my heart, i knew he was losing the battle to cancer.

seven months after gary died, i applied to great dane rescue. they called a couple months later, just as i was about to give up hope i would EVER get my dream dog, they called to tell me they had taken in a lovely senior dane girl and thought she would be a good fit for me and my 2 little dogs. we arranged to meet, let the dogs all get acquainted and then bring them all out to the farm to see how they would get along. the day i went to meet this girl, i stopped at the cemetery and i asked gary (actually, pleaded with him LOL) to PLEASE send me a sign, let me know this dog was from him...

imagine my shock and surprise and utter joy at seeing the heart on ashley's butt...

the minute i laid eyes on that marking, i KNEW it was gary telling me he sent this dog to me. she continues to be my best friend and every time i look at her or cuddle with her, i thank gary for sending her to me. :)

sorry, i just knew this would end up being the great american novel!!

nina :)

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Wow--that really is a heart!! What a gorgeous dog, and what a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing your stories of these unmistakable signs from your husband.

I'm any of the pennies have significant dates? Some of mine do.

One of the most dramatic appeared five years ago, when my husband died. He was in a nursing home, very sick with pneumonia, and I was visiting often. I was with him when he died around 4:00 a.m. Later in the day I showered and went upstairs to get dressed. I'd fallen behind in my laundry, but I knew I had a clean pair of beige jeans in my bottom drawer--I'd seen them just the day before.

I opened the drawer, and there were the jeans--now with a penny sitting on them. It was dated 1965, the year I was married.

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oh your story just gives me goosebumps!! there are some, like yours, that would make a believer out of the most diehard doubter!

i have never checked dates on any of my pennies so i don't know if any of them were particularly significant. i will go through them today and see what i can find. :)

thank you, ashley is a wonderful girl. had i special ordered a great dane, she is exactly what i would have wanted. almost every single time she has ever been anywhere with me, inevitably someone will comment about the heart on her butt. if you look closely, you can see a little part of the heart broken off and sort of hovering above as if some day it will float back down and make it whole. i know that will never happen and that has particular significance to me because my own heart will never completely heal. i also think gary did this intentionally, it is his way of telling me his heart broke when he had to leave me too soon. and what makes it even MORE special is that, if you knew gary, you know that even though he had 150# of dog to work with, he put his sign right on her butt!! that is the kind of sense of humor he always had. :D

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I have been receiving pennies almost much so that my husband accuses me of "planting them." It began about 1 1/2 years ago when my cousin died. We were moving into a new "rental" house, having reluctantly sold the home we lived in for many years... the day we were moving in was the day my cousin passed. I told my Aunt that I could not attend the funeral in another state because of the move, and she assured me it was not a problem. The next day, I found a photograph ON THE FLOOR, of my cousin and myself as children. I told my Aunt about the photograph when she called to tell me about the funeral. My Aunt explained that when she got on the plane she brought with her the only photo she could find of Gary, and gave it to his daughter. The photograph was of Gary and I as children... SAME PHOTOGRAPH. I sent mine back to my Aunt, to replace the one she had given to my Cousin's daughter. About 3 months later my Aunt came to visit... she brought photos w/her, among which was the photo I sent to her - she gave it back to me. NOW... I have moved again. This time we purchased a new home in the same neighborhood. My Uncle, Gary's father has passed - about 8 months ago... I am AGAIN finding pennies. No photos, but pennies... Gary's brother, my other cousin said my Uncle is responsible. That he always loved to tease... Pennies almost everyday - always in, and around the house.

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My dad died last week, the day before the funeral I went shopping at CVS and the mall. When I left CVS, I saw a heads up penny, I picked it up (I don't pick up tails up pennies either). After CVS, I drove to the mall, as I walked in I saw another heads up penny and proceeded to pick it up. At that point, I thought "hummmm" then I forgot about it as I shopped. My last stop was at the make up counter at Macys where I had to buy "waterproof mascara" for the funeral, - I went to give my credit card to the sales girl, when I saw about 8- 10 pennies on the counter in front of me. I said to the sales girl, did you see the pennies here? - and she said "I never saw pennies there before now!" That experience brought me today to your forum - I knew it was dad letting me know he was okay.

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I too found pennies after my son's grandma died. She was a good friend to me and I just really loved her. They only lasted a few months though- I can't remember exactly (maybe only weeks). I wish I would have saved them but wasn't sure beacuse I am not a neat freak. I am super Christian and do not think we should to dead realtives or any one except God/Jesus/ Holy Spirit because it could just be a familiar spirit so it was very strange to admit I believe she was sending me pennies. I also was confused over the dead in Christ sleeping until we all meet for judgment day vs. today being with Jesus in paradise. Maybe there is more to eternity than we think. One time I read a distinction between seeing the kingdom of heaven and entering it so I have a feeling there are levels and perhaps transitions but I would not have felt so good about the loss without God or Betty or whoever sending me these after her death. Thanks Betty!

I still miss you often because you encouraged me so much and I will be living out some of your own dreams soon. You remain so much fun even in your death!

Love, Jill

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My grandpap was a teaser. I would find coins on just about every walk I went on. One day I thanked him and then chided him that I could use something bigger than a penny.
In the park a few minutes later, I found a dollar bill and a dirty receipt. The dollar and receipt had blown from the store, across the busy 4 lane highway and up over raised railroad tracks and through the park to the sidewalk where I walked the dog. I got my dollar from heaven!
A few weeks ago mom got out of the car and said "where did this come from?" There was a penny on the hood. Grandpap!

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I am not at all superstitious and also don't believe that those who have entered their eternal rest are particularly concerned with the affairs of this world anymore, but since my husband passed away on June 16th of this year, I am finding pennies everywhere. I didn't even know about the "Pennies from Heaven" concept until a clerk at Costco told me I'd be finding pennies. I have them all in a piggy bank with other coins, but wish I had saved them separately in a dish and written down the dates, but then, I don't want to become overly obsessed with looking for them or thinking that my dead husband is communicating with me. I do believe that God is allowing me to find pennies like this though, more as an affirmation that my husband is now in His glorious presence and is doing just fine now that his suffering is over. My heart is broken, but finding a penny, which has inscribed on it, In God We Trust, also affirms my trust in Him and I see it as a little token of encouragement. How many times do we find pennies when no one had recently died who was close to us? We just never make note of it unless we are bereaved. Still, I am enjoying this immensely!

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My husband passed away August 30, 2010. I see him in every beautiful butterfly, bird and penny I see or find. Today, I found a shiny, shiny 1964 penny at the carwash. That was the year we were married. Here is a shiny penny that is 47 years old laying there on a table for me to find. I knew this was a sign from heaven that he is doing just fine.

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I have never been one to find pennies, or any other kind of money. Since my son passed away July 18, I have found what he could call "chump change". I have found different denominations of coins together or several pennies at one time. I even found a $5 bill as I was walking my dogs shortly after he died. My husband is the one who has always found money, not me. Our son didn't care about money and when he had spare change, he would give it to my husband and call it chump change. Does the money you find have to be pennies? I have asked my son over and over to give me a sign if he can to let me know he's ok and not somewhere dark and alone. I hadn't associated finding the money with him until reading this thread. While putting my grocery cart up the other day, I found a shiny new quarter laying right where I had to walk. I want to think it's him.

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Burtsmom, it definitely doesn't have to be pennies. People have reported all sorts of money signs. A friend's mother sends her only dimes. :-)

I'm certain your son is not somewhere dark and alone. by all means accept his "chump change" as gifts from him.


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I meant to add: Beverly, I agree!

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I am still finding pennies and other denominations of coins. Yesterday I was at a client's home and as I was getting ready to do my presentation a new quarter came out of the front pocket of my laptop case. I don't carry money in that case. As I was getting ready to leave, the lady picked up a shiny new penny and handed it to me, said I dropped it. I didn't drop any money as I had no money on me, my purse was in the car. My son's birthday is in just a couple of weeks and I believe it's him telling me it's okay. Somehow that makes me feel better.

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My first time posting here,so glad I found it,all the post so heart warming,thank you all for sharing.My dear husband of 46 years passed 4 years ago,I did not know if I could get through it,or if I even wanted to,a few months later sitting on my patio having a tea,a bluejay landed by me and stared right at me,I "felt" my husband,the bird stayed there still for some time,I wondered if it was from him,the next day I went out to sit there ,and there on the table was a bluejay feather,I kept it.I knew it was a sign from my husband,I have not found pennies ,but several other things that could not be explained.Time has a way of easing the pain,and it does get better,God bless you all who are going through your own loss.

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My Mom and I went to visit my Dad's grave on Tuesday. Now we have been finding pennies all the time since my Father passed, but this one was absolutely stunning. Well I was tending to wreaths mom was cleaning the the headstone. Didn't see a thing. When we were getting ready to leave; however, we looked down and there was a penny sitting right in the middle of the stone. We were stunned and over-joyed at the same time. I know Dad was definitely sending us a message.

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Back in 2007, my co worker and great friend Louis were getting ready to end our work shift. He drove a motorcycle. We were sitting around a desk and we found a Pennie inside his helmet, I took it out and didnt think anything of it , then minutes later we looked in his helmet and there was another penny placed in his helmet. We thought it was weird but then proceeded to clock out of work. Once I got home I received a call from a different friend telling me to meet him on a street 10 min away . When I got there I noticed my friend louis bike laying on the street , he passed away in a motorcycle accident. I've always wondered if the pennies were a sign.

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It makes me happy that this message thread, started in 2004, is still growing. So many wonderful signs . . . so much validation of the survival of the spirit.

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My Father's Unending Love....

My 89 year old father passed away on the 6th of September..I can not think of him without tears forming in my eyes.. I loved him so much, he was a wonderful husband to my mother and father to my brothers and I. I feel blessed that we had him with us this long. Anyway, my mother use to tell us the story that she used to work in a drive in restaurant in the 40's as a "carhop" My dad who was in the Navy stopped by and left her a penny tip. He later would tell us that was all he had. I talked to my mother this evening, she is very distraught with missing him. She said that he has come by to see her. He has turned the light on next to her chair when she comes in the house after being away. Today, she found a penny in her bed..Truly, a penny from Heaven for my mother, from the man she loved for 67 years. thank you God for your blessings and for my father's unending love.

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Carossi, I hope your mother is comforted by your father's visits and the penny in her bed. I have no doubt he put it there.

Thank you for sharing your story. I love that this thread is still active after nine years.

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My Dad.. my life long hero and by far the most important person in my life passed away two years ago. A sheriff chief, teacher, gardener, craftsman, devoted husband and awesome father to nine children, there was no pedestal high enough to place him on. Only a few years ago, he began falling ill and declined too rapidly to keep up with. He was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's) only one month before he passed. The loss of my father was by far the hardest thing I have ever experienced and its taken me this long to learn how to plant my feet back on this earth and move on. What gives me tremendous strength and peace is feeling a real presence of him still in my life and realizing that because he was my inspiration, all I do and say has a little piece of him in it.. and so he lives on. My father shows me in unexpected ways.. and random moments.. he is with me. Posted on my fridge is a note he wrote me just prior to losing his ability to speak and write, "tell 'em who ya are!.. ~Love, Dad", a note he attached to a job resume I had him review just prior to interviewing for the wonderful job I currently have. And just above this note on the fridge sits a growing stack of pennies I have found in the most unexpected places.. under my desk, at my foot while in line at the movies, mixed in with paper clips on my desk (never put it there).. seventeen pennies in all so far - over a three month period. My daughter, who was with my father when he passed, and who wasn't aware I was finding and saving them, came to me recently and said, "Mom, I keep finding pennies.. " ~I am a believer

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