Tinted Poly - bad idea to tone down the pinkish red?

Lori BAugust 2, 2010

We're building a home. A week ago, they handscraped, stained and applied 2 coats of poly. In the 3 days that it took to do the work, we weren't allowed to go inside the house. Without telling the entire story, we are dissatisfied with the amount of pinkish red everywhere. It looks like red wine was dumped all over the floors.

We have Red Oak #1, hand scraped floors. Mequite Red stain was used.

We have talked to the builder about our options, and they initially mentioned applying a gel stain, but were hesitant to recommend that. The only option that is guaranteed is a complete refinish. Very costly. We have about 1700 sf.

We recently consulted with another hardwood flooring professional. They have proposed a tinted polyurethane as an option. They would like to test an area like the pantry or coat closet. He is suggesting a color like Rosewood or Antique Brown mixed into the poly. He said you can't put much, or you will see the brush strokes. I think he mentioned a ratio of about 1 gallon poly to 1 cup stain. Then, he would put a final clear poly coat on the floors.

This option is 42% of the cost of the complete refinish. We still haven't come to an agreement with the builder how we will share the cost of either option.

Has anyone tried this? Thoughts? Recommendations?

We would really like to give it a try and hope to test it this week. Waiting from the builder, for permission to test in a closet.

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I have thought about your situation for 15 minute before I write this....as your floor in the largest area of your home that you focus on. I believe they can tint the poly to satisfy you. it will get rid of all the red. You will never enjoy your home to the fullest until you eliminate the problem. Test it and be true to yourself with how you like the results...A closet is not a great representation. If it is not to your complete satisfaction (and you can not leave any doubt), then spend the money and have it refinished. If you have a good builder, he will understand. Also, I am confused that the builder is being asked to share the cost. Normally the entire cost would be on you as you would have chosen the colors. But we'll leave that discussion for another day. Good Luck....but spend the money to get your floor the way you'll enjoy it...

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While I agree with the second opinion flooring person for a budget "fix", I disagree with the colors he's proposing. Adding a red tint or brown tint to the poly coat won't help to eliminate the red. You need something with a greenish or greenish brown cast to it to tone the red to a browner tone. It's basic color pigment theory, and anyone who is considered a go to specialist in repairing goofs should have that knowledge under their belt and suggested that themselves.

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