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john47December 9, 2003


I have a Yahoo briefcase that I used to share pictures of chiles. Yahoo has made changes and I can no longer share large high quality pictures. I have checked a couple of other photo sharing sites but they have other limitations. What would be the simplest route to set up my own page for sharing pictures. I would keep it simple--just access to the pictures, though there are quite a few of them.



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First, do you have webspace? Many ISP's give you webspace as part of your internet package. That's what I've always used both for making my own webpages and for storing graphics.

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I'm thinking more in terms of a web page of my own. My ISP doesn't provide enough space for the pictures.


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How much space does your ISP allow, John? You would be surprised how far that space will go! I have 97 webpages and most are filled with photos, and I've only used 20 mb's of the 100 mb's that my ISP gives me.

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Only 10--I used almost 100 on the yahoo site

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Maybe someone else will be able to help. The only experience I have is with the space my ISP gives me. I don't think any of the freebies like shortleaf2002 mentioned will allow that much space either. You will probably have to pay.
I have used to register domain names for several years and have been happy with them. They also do web hosting. You might check them out at: godaddy

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If you insist on going for free hosting, scatter everything out.

I have about 7 mb of pages and pictures at, they say they offer 50 mb and unlimited bandwidth with no ads. But they have undertaken quite a sneaky redirect feature.
There is also with 25 mb of free webhosting. I don't know how much free hosting Yahoo has but you could include it for some. Then there is that 10 from your ISP.
Is that a total of ten or 10 per screen name? If it is ten per name you could conceivably get much more by creating more names. Personally, if I had that many pictures (jpg's)I would pay for hosting. , , and are some good pay hosts for the money.
Scattering that many pages and pictures to free hosts would be a bit much.
There are many more hosts and free hosts you just need to search the web. If you take the plunge and get a domain name some hosts like gisol include a free one. is a good deal for $8.95 a year though. I'd definately do some research because good deals are all over the web if you look.

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