Help for enlarging web download images.

siraj multaniDecember 24, 2001

Hi every one ....i seriously need help from you all experts .

i have download some .jpg format images from the internet, but now i want to print this image in a large size, the original image size is 2"x2.5" but i want the copy of this image in 8"x12" can any one help me how to do this WITHOUT loosing the picture quality and without making the image blurr.........thanking u all.

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I don't think it's going to work for you. Even the 2"x 2.5"
is probably at 72 DPI. And to get a good print you'll want at least 150 - 300 DPI. Enlarging it more than the size you have will only make it much worse. Can you contact the photographer to get a large print?


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a 8 x 10 print will be a picture about 1800 x 1500 pixels. Even if you reset the DPI to 1200 there is not enough information in the jpg to resize and not get a bad picture. You may be able to use a capture of the picture and set the DPI to 1200 or 2400 and see if it will come out OK. Doubtful but worth a try.


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