Question on Editing Bitmap Files

SilhouetteDecember 31, 2001

Someone had made me a logo to use for a web site I'm working on, sent it to me as a bitmap file, then deleted it off of her hard drive.

I need to be able to edit the image to change the colors, have downloaded bitmap files from a free backgrounds web site, and want to use them in the logo. Is there any way to change the file so that the objects can be edited? I do have Adobe 6, but I am just learning the program now. I also have MS Publisher, is there a way that it can be edited in that program? I need to be able to use the final product for a number of applications, including cards, etc. as well as on the web site.

And Marian, I managed to find the book that you advised me on, Mastering HTML 4.0, after a lot of hunting, thanks for the tip! That is my NEXT to do on my list, getting started on it. OMG, what a thick book! I need to use a forklift to carry it around the house, hahaha.

Thanks for any advice that I can get on this!


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You should be able to open it up with photoshop or other programs like paint shop pro, and once its loaded select(from file option) save as ...then pick your extension .jpg
.gif etc. You should also be able to open that graphic and also open the new pics so that both are on the screen and copy the new pic. onto the graphic you want to change.

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You need to change the mode of the bmp map. To do this in Adobe 6 go to image and then change the mode to RGB color and then you can use layers and all of the filters and all the other editing tools.

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I forgot to add, if you want to save it again as a bmp change the mode back before saving or you won't be able to save it as a bmp.

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Thanks for all of the info!

I had hoped to be able to use the MS Publisher program to click on objects and change colors, but appears it isn't possible, and no way to save as any kind of image extention. It just basically imports pics like Excell, Word, and Powerpoint.

I'm a few chapters away from getting into the goodies of Adobe for layers and filters, guess I'll just have to be patient and get to that level, sigh. Glad to know that it IS possible tho, and whew, glad you told me to change the Mode back!


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