Uncontrollable sweating

michelle_phxazJune 6, 2010

I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so I don't know if this is related. My core temperature is normally around 97 degrees, my doctor said one possibility is that my skin thinks my body is cold and overcompensates to try to warm my skin.

Unless I am sitting very still in a very cool room with a fan on me I begin to sweat. I work in a casino and am constantly moving, so this is when it is at its worst. It is mostly it is my face and on my back, but sweat just starts beading up on my nose and forehead and I have to use a tissue to mop myself 7-8 times an hour which is a problem in my job; I work in table games so I don't have access to tissue without getting it from a supervisor.

When I shower I only use Neutrogena glycerine soap and use no lotion afterwards, even on my face, it is so much worse if I use lotion. I also have mild excema which is made worse without lotion and with the sweat rubbing under my clothes.

I wear minimal makeup, but I sweat with or without it.

I do take Vicodin for a back injury, I have heard that does make you sweat (not sure if that is the cause) but I don't take it often enough to think this is the cause.

Does anyone know this problem well enough to help me? I am going to make an appointment with a dermatologist this week, but the good people here sometimes have better ideas than the physicians.

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I have no suggestions for you, only sympathy because it must be so troubling. I'm glad you are seeing a doctor.

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The sweating is probably caused by the Thyroid problem like your doctor said. My cousin had the opposite and was always cold--again from a faulty Thyroid.

Ways you can cope at work-
Get yourself a runners shirt to wear under your clothes. They wick the sweat away from your body. If at all possible wear 100% cotton blouses or shirts because they breathe.

If you are behind a table, keep a couple of frozen gel ice packs and use them on your feet when you sweat. An ice cube run across your wrists or cold water will also help you keep cool. The blood vessels in your wrists and feet are close to the surface so you are actually cooling your blood which is then circulated through your body. If it's allowed a runners head band will catch the sweat on your brow.

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Thanks Oilpainter, I unfortunately can't even have a pack of Kleenex near me much less a icepacks and taking off my shoes. I work in a casino in table games so my entire body is visable and due to security reasons nothing can be kept with me to help the sweating. I do wear a cotton tank top under my uniform, it helps keep the sweat from running down my body.

Ivan, what does your link have to do with my condition? It is for heart disease and something about red wine. And as I said, I already am being treated for hypothyroidism for over a year now and my numbers are back to normal. Please don't spam on this forum, we come here to find real solutions for our health issues, not for spammers to peddle crap that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

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I know someone going through the same type of problem. Hers was cause by taking one nitro tablet. She looked awful, so very red and damp.

By the way I guess you know the vicodin is a very serious medication. I just googled it. Surely there is something else you can take.

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