My Stomach pain is finally GONE!

NancyB007June 30, 2004

If you're having stomach pain this might interest you. I've had sharp pain all around my stomach for about a year. (not lower in the abdomen). I read about H. Pylori and thought that was it but a blood test was negative. Finally went to a gastro for an upper endoscopy. Biopsy showed an infection in the stomach lining which they assumed WAS H. Pylori. Well, 2 weeks on Prevpac (2 antibiotics and a Previcid twice a day) and NO MORE PAIN!!! Dr. said it is very common and I probably got it as a kid (45 years ago.) One third of the world is infected with the bacteria (it spirals into the lining of the stomach-no wonder it hurt) but most people don't know they have it. Some people think they have ulcers or are popping tons of antacids, etc. with no relief. THis was discovered in the early 80's I think. Anyway, after SOOOOOOOOOOO much suffering (hurt when I did eat and more when I didn't!) now it's finally gone.

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so glad to hear it worked for you. It worked for me too and for my daughter. She was doubled up with pain on an almost daily basis. My problem was acid reflux. I would wake at night with a mouth full of stomach content and a burning throat. All better now thanks to the little purple pill

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