used wrong product on carpet

phrogAugust 26, 2012

Had a senior moment, and grabbed deck cleaner to put in my carpet cleaner's detergent dispenser. Did the whole carpet with it. What are the likely consequences? (I can see that the carpet doesn't look very clean, but maybe there's something worse.)

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Is this an acid based wood cleaner type product? What material is your carpet? Worst case scenario is that you've damaged the fibers and backing of the carpet (and the carpet machine) and have to replace it all. Best case is that you used a detergent based cleaner and just have some residue left in the carpet. Look at the deck cleaner MSDS online and see what ingredients it contains and if there are any cautions or warnings on associated with it.

You can try cleaning the carpet with nothing but pure water to remove any residue of the cleaner and see what happens.

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Label says, "Corrosive. Harmful or fatal if swallowed." It has sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. Doesn't sound like detergent to me.

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