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connie_txNovember 11, 2003

Ok I need to really get this on the ball now. I cannot and will not pay someone to start or design my web site so am going to do it myself. I do not have the bucks to do that.And I need to be in control of my photos to switch them whenever I want to. Question is???? I went to godaddy.com as someone suggested and I haven't a clue as to what i really need now. Should I make my site with their site builder and what do i need to pay for there besides my name and should I use them to host??? What about there e-mail do I need that also. The deluxe model??? Should I pay to copyright it. Could someone who knows what I should do look at what they offer me and tell me which I should pay for. Also do I need to pay 30.00 a year to use the traffic blaster which does something with yahoo google etc.These are hard for me to know which ones they are getting to me with and what i really need from them. Please hlep as soon as possible if anyone can or could there be a better site to do this all with.... Thanks so much to any and all who can help me in simple terms....


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My isp gives me webspace as part of my internet package with them. I design my own webpages, usually using Netscape composer (which is free). I registered my domain name (several domain names, actually) with godaddy.com for $8.95 each a year. I didn't buy any of the extras that godaddy sells.

So to start with we need to know if you already have webspace to use. If you do, then you should just register a domain name with godaddy.com and not pay for any of the extras.

You can add your website to the search engines yourself and not have to pay. Also you add tags to your webpages that the search engines pick up on. So I would not spend the $30 a year for that.

I hope this answers your questions.

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I still don't understand it all. Paul says that go daddy is not what he would use and i trust that. What do I have need to do to get it up and going and how long should it take. Should I pay more for the name than that, does aol my server have a hosting and domain name place?? I am the biggest of the dummies but will take in all that I can learn and when I do learn it I become obsessed with it...ha ha

Let me know what I can do and places to go..Thanks again

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I don't know anything about AOL, Connie. So I'm not sure what they have to offer.

I'm not sure why Paul doesn't like Godaddy.com. He probably has a valid reason and I definitely trust his judgement. But I can say from my experience that I have used them for registering domain names for over 3 years and have not had one single problem with them. I have registered 3 names with them and they have only cost me $8.95 a year each.

The first 2 things that you need to do is:

1. Decide where you are going to get web space. Does your account with AOL give you free web space? If so, I would use it. If you plan to use the website for a commercial site then make sure you can use the free space for that purpose. My isp gives me 100 mb's of web space and they don't care if it's used for personal or commercial use, but some isp's want you to pay extra for commercial use.
To give you an idea about how much space that is.....I have 97 web pages online, which total to less than 20 mb's. And most of those pages are filled with photos. So 100 mb's is a lot of space!!!

2. Decide which company you will use to register your domain name. There are quite a few companies out there and you can do a search for them. I used GoDaddy.com because someone at either this forum or the computer help forum recommended them several years ago, and I have been very happy with them. Maybe someone else can recommend a site for registration that they have used.

Once you have taken care of those 2 things, then the rest is a piece of cake. Make your webpage(s) and upload them.

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Well I did it I think.. I went with yahoo. for 19.95 a month I got the donmain name I wanted when go daddy said i couldnt have that name why I don't know. It is giving me 100mb 25gb of space and about 25 email accounts why I do not know. I know nothing of what I just did. So what you are telling me is that I have enough to sell an army of stuff on?? ha ha. Look at the yahoo choices I had to pick from and see what you think. Now I need to learn and get that site up even if it has only a few things for now. Providing I do it all right..... Please feel free to offer any more info if you think of something. I will need all I can get.

Thanks, Connie

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It sounds like you got the whole enchilada. I'd take full advantage of their toll free tech support. You also might try their Yahoo Sitebuilder, it looks pretty beginner friendly. It appears though that you have everything that is needed, and then some. I second the godaddy.com idea and your own webspace in the future though, maybe next time.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/bzinfo/prod/wh/

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I do hope that I did right. I downgraded the next morning to the 50mb plan. Poohbear said that is more than I needed at this time. I have the cd site builder from them. It was free and offered so I took it a couple of months ago. Last night I was trying to work on it and kept loosing the pages after I got them done. Abox would pop up and say corupt something and then just close on me. I gave up and went to the web easy professional that I paid 70.00 for . Unless I just don't know where to look they haven't near as many backgrounds buttons etc. Do you know where and how to get ones on the net and if they can be used by anyone and where and how do Istore and retrieve them to use them....

Thanks, Connie

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Getting started is the hard part. After a few days and weeks of pouring over all the things involved in the webpage it should come together real easy.

Some good places to go for advice are www.webmonkey.com

A great book to have to know all the necessary html tags and more is -


When I got mine it didn't say xhtml and css on the cover, but it is a great book for less than twenty dollars and worth every penny.

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