blueskyye66October 6, 2008

I was trying to reply to a grieving daughter. Guess I lost her.

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I see there are alot of postings for Mums, not so much for dads. I am here for Dad. Anyone out there?

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hi. stumbled on this site couple of minutes ago. saw the thread and said what the heck why not try talking it out. I lost my dad just last year from sudden massive heart attack. It'll be his 1st death anniversary at the end of this month. I believed myself able to cope up since then. More so i think than my mom and sibling. Ive been digging up some pictures of him for his anniv coz there'll be a sort of gathering for family and friends. Can't help but still cry whenever i see the pictures. This is still normal right? I thought i've passed through all of Kubler Ross' stages of grief. Guess i've been jumping back and forth from one stage to another. I miss him very much. It really has been difficult for all of us here without him. (I'm more closer to my dad than my mom.) It's still hard to look at the pictures and not give in to tears. That's why i couldn't seem to finish making the slideshow. I've used up a box of Kleenex here too coz I recently heard the song Dance with my Father by L.Vandross. I totally gave in and bawled over in the middle of night. I already could forsee that it'll be a little difficult for the next couple of days until the 31st. But time does fly has been a year already....=(

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It is normal to grieve your Dad. My Dad died last July and Mom died this May. Grieving is different for all people and there is NO time frame. In my case you go through all different kinds of emotions. It is helpful to write about or talk about it. Seems to help.

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heya my dad died of a heart attack oct 10th 2007 and i miss him soo much so heres to all dads in heaven we miss you and dads are special..........and they have special ways of making gurls feel special in lots of different ways you are precious to me my dad................i love you dad.

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from what I've heard it is normal to go thru different stages, and switch back and forth. What is important is that you allow your self to feel what you are feeling. If you need to cry then CRY! Don't let others tell you what you should be feeling. Everyones grief is unique to them. If you don'allow yourself to grieve now, it will come someother time. It has to happen. It takes time. Lots of time. It helps to talk to people and to reach other to others that come across your path that are going thru what you've already gone through. Helping others is very theraputic. Blessings

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kestrel30, hang in there. We are going to be ok. Believe and have hope that you will see your Dad again. We miss them. Keep all the good memories alive.

Below is link to "Dance with my Father". I think done by Celine Dion as a tribute to Luther.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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