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mboston_gwJune 12, 2008

Just want to pass on a website where you can order glasses reasonably priced. I have no connection to this business except as a satisfied customer. You do have to have your full prescription, including your Pupillary Distance. That you have to get from the person who helped fit your last pair of glasses. You should also find out your earpiece length and the nose piece width.

I ordered progressive lens, with gray shading for use as sunglasses. You can get them with different degrees of shading and tints. Plus my frames are Titanium and light weight. I am very pleased with mine and have heard from others who ordered that they were pleased as well.

I didn't see any guarantees offered if you aren't satisified. I was willing to take the chance considering the savings if they worked well. But you should check on that if it concerns you.

Check it out.

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MBoston, Thanks for the interesting post. The web site looks like the have thought through everything, and they seem to have a decent selection of frames.

I know its been 11 months since your post, but if you are still following this thread, can you address some questions?

1. When I buy glasses, there is usually some adjustment and bending the optometrist does, and sometimes they need to re-work the lenses. How is this handled?

2. Did you have any difficulties through the process?

3. How is quality compared to, say, the big chains like LensCrafters?

4. I tried pricing a pair to my presciption and it is only $89 compared to $500-600 that it would probably cost in the Washington DC area. I find this difficult to trust. How do their glasses differ from what you have bought in regular retail stores?


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I responded on your other post, then found this one.

Yes, you do have to have them "fitted." Most any eyeglass place will do this for you. I went back to my original place for the first pair when I had them checked to see if they matched the perscription. I was also having my old glasses adjusted so they did all of it for me even though I told them I had not purchased the sunglasses from them. I would have been willing to pay if necessary. The second pair I had fitted at Wal-Mart but wasn't satisified so I went back to my first place and they did it again with no cost.

As I said, the screws seem to come loose but my expensive glasses did as well. The frames I ordered are "frameless" and they do need adjustment routinely. My pups have hit me in the face with their noses and sent my glasses cockeyed on my face several times. That probably helps to loosen everything.

I didn't have any problems with the process. Just be sure that your PD is correct and that you find a frame with the right size nose piece and ear piece. They may not last as long as my others did (I usually don't buy new frames each time I get new lenses and that is sometimes a problem with the frameless ones.) But at this price, I would get new ones.

As far as getting the lenses correct, I don't know what recourse you would have. As I said, you would need to check out the warranty or guarantee.

I think its worth at least one time to try a pair. It never hurts to have an extra pair of glasses around even if you aren't completely satisified, you could wear them in a pinch. That was my reason to try them to begin with. I needed sunglasses and couldn't find any to fit my frameless glasses.

Good luck.

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I had a nice pair made at zenni very nice case came with them am thinking of buying some more

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I have my glasses made at Costco. I ordered a pair last week for $159. That's more than zennioptical, but a lot less than shw said she/he would have to pay. I can have them adjusted or repaired as often as necessary. I can even return them.

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