Question about insurance screen results

josigirl_wiJune 13, 2005

I got a life insurance screen back (they drew blood and urine sample). It came back that my Hemoglobin Screen was positive. What does that mean? Also Hyaline Casts measured 430 and normal is 0-10.

Protein level was 100 normal is 0-30. Microalbumin measured at 57.1 normal is 0-3. Does this mean I have some type of kidney problems? I intend to take the results to the Dr but would like some info first. I am overweight and do have untreated high BP. Thanks for any information.

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Hemoglobin comes from red blood cells when they are lysed or destroyed. The protein could come from the same problem. With untreated hypertension, you could be lysing red blood cells, causing the hemoglobin and protein results. Could also be that you have narrow blood vessels caused by plaque build ups, which can also lyse RBCs. Could have any number of diseases, including tick-born diseases that also lyse RBCs. Really the screen is just that- a screen, meant to alert the DR to potential underlying problems, which it sounds like you have. You will probably need more tests to determine the cause of the hemoglobin, casts, microalbumin, etc.
Hypertension can also cause kidney damage causing the microalbumin and hyaline casts. That said, you REALLY need to speak to a doctor sooner rather than later. Schedule a longer than normal appointment to make sure you can get as much info as possible about diet, exercise, drugs, interactions with other meds, etc etc etc. BTW, what was your glucose level, and how long after a meal was the blood sample taken?

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I'm no expert, but I believe that a positive hemoglobin screen means that there are antibodies in your blood, so you are probably fighting off an infection. Lots of different things could affect your microalbumin number and I don't think the number is particularly outrageous. It is suggestive that something may be wrong and your doctor may order more tests or monitor you more closely. Were you tested for diabetes? That would be my first thought, but that is probably because I am diabetic. Why in the world if you have high BP is it untreated? Dumb question. I didn't treat mine for years after I learned of it. It is only now that everything is going south that I am try to get healthy. I wish I had started earlier.

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Thanks for your responses! The only result I got from Glucose was negative. Also the untreated BP is that way because I just found it out. I do have an appointment next week with my DR. These tests were done to update our life insurance. I don't ever remember having these tests done before. I have always had blood in my urine for some reason. I was thinking about diabetes also hopefully it's not but it's on both sides of my grandparents. Thanks again.

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Josi -
I used to do urinalysis as a lab tech ... the untreated BP is enough to cause all the casts, protein and blood. Treating the BP may allow the kidneys to repair themselves, or at least not damage them further.

gandbb -
"I'm no expert, but I believe that a positive hemoglobin screen means that there are antibodies in your blood, so you are probably fighting off an infection."
No, it means there was hemoglobin in the urine, which is not normal.

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well, that just shows you shouldn't take the word of someone who says they are no expert.

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Thanks for all your input it is much appreciated! I did go to the DR and most of my symptoms were from the high BP which he put me on medicine. But I also have blood in my urine which as lazygardens said is why the hemoglobin was positive. I go for tests (IVP and ultra-sound) in two weeks. What a way to spend my vacation! I'm really not to concerned I have had these tests twice before and the blood in the urine is unexplainable but the DR just wants to be sure. Thanks again you guys are great!

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i need help i have somewhat the same problem but i am know on blood pressure medicine but it said that my hemoglobin screen was positive and that my white and red blood cells were elevated can someone tell me what that means

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My insurance screen results were as follows...
Neg.Microalbumin(MG.DL)....7.9 H...Ref.Range.. 0-3
Leukocyte Screen........... Neg.............Neg
Hemoglobin Screen.......... Pos.............Neg
Malb/Creat (MG/GMCR).....44.2 H ..............0-30.0

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