Baby and Mommy checking in....

StefCo_NJOctober 29, 2004

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't posted sooner.

My beautiful baby boy arrived via scheduled (repeat) c-section on Thursday, October 14th.

He's 15 days old now and a true delight.

His name is Brody Alan (Alan is his middle name, my Dad's name). If you remember, I wanted to name him for my Dad but couldn't come up with an 'A' name that both me and my husband liked. So we gave my Dad's name as his middle name and we're real happy with it.

It was a tough time without my Dad there with me on Brody's birthday. In the operating room, I just held on tight to my husband with one hand, and a stuffed animal I have (that's made from one of Dad's t-shirts) with the other -- and I knew that my Dad was with me, watching over me and my baby-to-be, assuring the safe, wonderful delivery we had.

I look at my baby and I see my Dad. From the time my Dad got sick, it was my 2 year old that got me through. Now I have 2 beautiful children to help me see the brighter side of things.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and good wishes.

I'd post a picture, but I don't think I can - I think my membership expired.


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How wonderful, Stef!! Welcome, Brody, AlanÂand we definitely want to see your beautiful face. Stef, if you can email me a picture, I'd be happy to post it for you.


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Nell Jean

Such a good feeling to hear that you and baby are fine. Congratulations.


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Congratulations, Stef! Thanks for checking in with us!
I'd love to see Brody Alan, too. I too, will post it for me if you can email it to me. I know your dad was with you during the baby's birth.

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Congratulations! I am so happy for you. Cant wait to see the pic of the new arrival! YOu can be sure your dad was smiling down on you as your baby entered the world.


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Steph, congratulations! I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing well. I'm sure Dad was with you the whole time. Babies coming always make me think about the circle of life and how families souls flow into each others.

Brody has a very special guardian angel.


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