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Sue VANovember 10, 2001

I would like to see some discussion about the w3c validator. How important is it to be that perfect? Do you use it, and fix every error? I don't know what "character encoding" or "doc type" is, so I can't very well get a reading. What are your thoughts?

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Here's a link to give you the info on doc types etc. W3C insures your page will look the same in every browser, alot of the stuff that seems to little to be bothered with like the
ALT tags...should be added for the handicapped. Also the current html version is 4.01 that to determines how things load into different browsers.

Here is a link that might be useful: W3C Help

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Thanks for the link. (I think!) I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "That's too abstract for me to comprehend." But I will try. I've considered HTML Goodies the 'bible' for web site building. Guess I need to get beyond the basics. I put my site through the validator and printed out the results. I will work on fixing the errors, at least the ones I understand. I would like to get it right if I can.
Thanks again.

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Yeah its a very detailed link, my web program has a built in checker to point out errors, I also go to a site which validates the code you paste into it and gives you the link on the error and the fix for it. Here's the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Validate

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Uh Dale, I'm pretty sure the ALT tags should be added for people who use text only browsers or those who choose to not display images, not for the handicapped.

I use ALT tags for some of my images, if not most. I have lots of images on my site and I think it helps if people have a clue of what they are before they all load, in case they don't want to wait if it's something they don't care to see. I run my sites through the validator, just in case I made some glaring errors, but I also check in both IE and Netscape (and recently Opera) to make sure it displays teh same in those at least.

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Blind readers (using e.g a text mode browser fed into a speaking machine, or a purpose-designed speaking WWW browser such as pwWebSpeak)
This is what I was meaning the option in the control panel, one other good thing about ALT tags, they are good for getting your site indexed, the SEngine spiders can't see the images but do see the Alt tags.

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I was going to add pretty much what Dale said. I will add this: alt tags are especially important if the image is a link. Also height and width help the site to load faster.
I bookmarked the Validator link and will check it out later this evening.
Thanks for the comments and helps. This is what I was hoping for.

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If you are using the Opera browser. Right click on the page you want to validate, select the frame submenu and then select validate html.

I have noticed that most pages do not validate 100%.

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Later versions of browsers may begin to drop support for earlier html and script. IE 6 has already started dropping some support. That's why it's a good reason to write current precise code -- it'll save you grief in the long run. Think about large sites -- 300 or more pages for example -- who wants to go through and revise everything every time a new browser version comes out? Not me !


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