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goddiNovember 2, 2005

Sometime ago, I created a web site and put in an automatic sound for the page. It used to work OK. Now, it does not. It works in the web authoring software I use to create the page, but not when I go to it in Netscape. Here is the HTML code:

I seems to be correct but now the sound does not work. Is there anything else I should do. I am using Netscap 7.

Thanks... Gary

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I see that the HTML code came out exactly how it shows up on my web page in Netscape. Let me put some dots in front and maybe it will now show the actual code (and I put spaces after the to hopefully make it display the code).:
I also notice that the sound plays just find with IE, but not Netscape 7. Is there any modifications of the code that will let it show and play correctly in Netscape???
Thanks... Gary

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Gary, these are the codes I use.
For Netscape:

For IE:

Use them both if you want the sound file to play on either browser.

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Hi MaryAnnTX... I changed my html to match what you suggested but, again, it works in IE but not in Netscape 7. If you have a monment, take a look at the source code in one of my web pages:
I have tried everything but I just can't seem to get any sound to play in Netscape...
Thanks, Gary

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It's working in Netscape 7 for me.

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I have tried it again but the sounds on my website will NOT play on my PC or my wife's PC using Netscape (but it does play with IE). Can you explain why it would work on your PC and not on my PCs. This is driving me a bit crazy....
Thanks... Gary

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