In a Funk!

netshoundJune 10, 2006

I'm tired all the time, I have lost interest in things I once enjoyed, I have anxiety all the time about everything, especially my health which as far as I know is good other than being about 25 lbs over-weght. Could it possibly be depression? And if it is, how do I break out of it? People have told me to get moving and do something but when I get home from work I feel lazy and tired. How do I break out of it?

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First, you get your doctor to give you a really good physical exam with blood work. While it could be depression, being overweight and tired all the time could point to something else. The first thing that I can think of is thyroid problems. If so, you need to get that attended to as soon as possible.

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The last time I had bloodwork done, they said it looked fine. I just attributed the tiredness to working full time and having a toddler, not to mention a TON of house-work and outside work to do. Just thinking about it made me not want to do it! And I used to love it!

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Ahhh, work, toddler, housework and more work. Yep, that could be it. I know what you mean. Just keep telling yourself that the child will grow, the house isn't going to fall down and as long as there is food in the pantry and the bills are's going to get better. Nothing else matters. You probably ARE tired all the time. Rest when you can, pay attention to your toddler and ignore people that tell you to just get out and do something.

However, unless your last bloodwork was done less than six months ago and unless it included thyroid studies, (it doesn't always) it might be worth your while to have it done again. Things can go astray quickly, especially when the body is under stress from too much work.

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You don't just break out of depression. Depression is a physical illness, requiring medication. If you have felt this way for more than a couple of weeks, I'd strongly encourage you to see your doctor for a referral to a mental health specialist. Depression is nothing to fool around with- it can be fatal.

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Sounds like depression to me, and if you see any psychologist/psychiatrist (even regular M.D.), they too, will say depression most likely than not!

Then they will prescribe you the most recent anti-depressant and maybe even the most recent anti-anxiety DRUG available.

My urgent suggestion to you is to have anything and everything checked out BEFORE accepting ANY of these drugs.

They work wonders "short term" for some people, but for many, they just make for worse problems - especially when trying to ween off!

Dr only tells you a "couple" of "potential" side effects - such as you may feel really tired for the first couple of weeks (if an anti-depressant), maybe some slight nausea, maybe low libido, maybe some anxiety. The list is very short.

For anti-anxiety drugs, they tell you MAYBE low libido, dry mouth, some weight gain, don't drive or operate machinery until you know how you respond (makes you drowsy)...again, the list is very short.

Do some research on "benzodiasapenes" or "benzos" or SSRI or anxiety or depression or specific names of drugs. DON'T ONLY READ THE DOT COMS - they are only there to sell something! If you can find any, look for REAL people on forums and look for sights like dot org's or other.

I KNOW what the heck I'm talking about. I've been there for years. I don't care WHAT the Docs say, I KNOW if I could start from day one, I would try ANYTHING before taking any of these drugs.

I had massive panic attack in late 80's. Just came out of the blue! (I also was very depressed and STRESSED)

Started on anti-depressant and anti-anxiety WAY BACK THEN. I went OFF (on my own) the anti-depressant (stupid thing to do), but have been on the anti-anxiety solid forever since. Still on it. I'm starting to feel physical effects now everytime I take a pill.

I've only recently been finding info and discussions from "real" people. My personality has totally changed, I've had (and still have) really ugly dreams - stuff I won't even speak to my closest friend - let alone my Dr., I'm angry a LOT, short tempered, have problems sleeping (too much or not enough), trouble concentrating most times, I feel "off balance" many times while walking or standing, I've LOST weight to the point some people (I've heard) wonder if I'm anorexia! SO many things...too much to list!

The drugs are very expensive and highly addictive. (Again, the prescribing Dr will deny this as...well we'll keep that under control.) AND, you HAVE to see Dr. on regular schedule - as these are controlled substances! Can't get a "refill" till you see Doc!

These drugs may seem to work at first, but then you start having the same symptoms PLUS MORE that MIMIC the original - so Doc "ups" your dose - when in reality it's the DRUGS creating the symptoms! Then, try to ween off...NOT EVEN FUNNY - people even refer to something they call "brain Zaps"!

Depression is nothing to fool around with. And it's true - do NOT listen to those that tell you to just "snap out of it", because if it is true cronic depression, one canNOT "just snap out of it"!

I agree - get your thyroid checked FIRST!

Also, I was thinking peri-menopause, but with a toddler...

Even so, your hormones could still be out of whack. Ask them to check your hormone levels also.

There are SO many things that mimic each other and mimic depression!

You may be suffering from stress.
Which would cause depression and anxiety.
STRESS also is misunderstood by many. This is serious and can cause many problems, including heart desease.

Take a good look at your job. Are you happy with your job? Do you like the people you work with everyday?

If you are married and hubby works, maybe you can quit or take a very long vacation? (It MIGHT be cheaper to stay at home than to go to work! Do the math!)

Are you taking any kinds of meds at all? Birth control? Has there been a change in meds?

Sorry so long, but you need a break and time to reflect - lest you end up like me! (trust me, you do NOT want that - nor does your kid (s)!)

IF they determine depression/anxiety & IF you can handle it, maybe try acupunture. relaxation, yoga, whatever! Quit your job if there's any possible way (and DON"T shop! LOL!) I'm not a fanatic about any of those, but if I could go back to day ONE, and knew then what I know now, I'd try all that stuff first! (I couldn't quit my job - I was single parent and sole provider for son, and nowhere to live if I quit.)

Good luck and invest in yourself first. Forget the housework! I did, not that I'm proud of it - I do what I can when I can.

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For depression you can try a natural SSRI antidepressant called 5-HTP. Take 100mg 3xday, about twenty minutes before eating. You will feel better in a couple of day's. The only side effect is it can dampen your sex drive. If you get an upset stomach from the pills, start with one a day for a week and increase slowly. You CANNOT mix 5-HTP with subscription anti-depressants, that would be double dosing. "NOW" is a good brand, I think you can order from

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I can relate. I'm also tired, and don't have much interest in anything except wanting to sleep all the time. I'm 51, in menopause, vision and hearing are on a slow decline, starting to gain weight. I have a full-time job, but it's been an effort to get through the day. We had a tough tax season that I have not bounced back from. My relationship with my husband is on shaky footing. I've had a bad cold for the past two weeks that I can't shake. I'm taking a "mental health day" off tomorrow, but I have things to do around the house that have been neglected and I'll feel guilty if I don't do them. Sorry this is such a long vent.

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Here is a questionaire that may be helpful if you think you may have a thyroid problem. There are some rare doctors that will treat you just by looking at your symptoms even if you have okay blood test results.

Here is a link that might be useful: checklist for thyroid

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