How much info can a website view?

bluezephyrNovember 1, 2006

How much information can be gleaned from a website visit? Can a website owner get a list of all the IP addresses and date and time of each visit?

Thanks for any information.

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Sure. The modern web statics programs can tell you a lot even geographical location.

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When you visit a website the site owners can record:

IP address -- this identifies the ISP to the site but not you. For example your ISP is SBC ( When you made this post this number: 234491154054208N41D13453 was recorded and could be used by SBC to identify you. A court order could force SBC to turn over your account info. The NSA on the other hand, well who knows eh?

Computer operating system you are using.

Web browser you are using.

Date and time you made the visit and what you viewed.

If Spyware is installed into your browser (from a previous visit to that site for example), they can retrieve basically any info stored on your computer.

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there is always TOR

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