Can u identify w/ gotta go, gotta go, gotta go?

VangyJune 28, 2006

as per the commercials on tv w/ the police woman directing traffic, the woman at a confence table! and so many woman w/ lack of bladder control who know every washroom in town and along the way to......... Years of that misery have come to an end, hallelulia, because of taking a natural product instead of the pharmecia. chemical meds, that are expensive, & have bad side effects.

AND dandruff is history w/ out expensive, chenmically loaded shampoos/conditioners/rinses.

What a wonderful feeling.............


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Anyone with this problem needs to find out the cause first. If it is from a prolapsed bladder or other physical problems, neither natural products or medications will "cure" the problem.

Overweight is also another cause. If you have additional pressure from all that stomach weight on the bladder, you aren't helping your situation at all. Getting rid of it can do wonders for the gotta go-gotta go.

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Hey now that you mention it, I don't have any dandruff anymore either! Just one more thing to add to my list of what my juice is doing for me!

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Vangy...what is it that you are taking?

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Goldensmom, Vangy is drinking a Mangosteen product called Xango. I am too and it has been a GODsend for me. I have gotten bashed on this forum for trying to share this life changing Mangosteen fruit. I am sure I will get bashed again for responding to your question. If you would like to find out more about this stuff just type Mangosteen in your brouser and decide for yourself, I dont want to give you a link because someone will surley scream that I am trying to sell you something for my profit. Maybe you can e mail Vangy.

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I still think you should find out WHY you have to go, go, go first. Then try what ever you want to. It can't hurt.

You could have a nice big bladder tumor that restricts the amount of urine that you can hold. Or you could be in the first stages of diabeties. Ot even just everyday plain bladder cancer.

But go ahead, try whatever you want to. It may work wonders for you, but if your problem is something that it CANNOT help, you have wasted some valuable time that could mean the difference between life and death.

Check with your physician for a clean bill of health first.

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Agnes, are you trying to scare us? I've told my doctor many times about my urgency and they have always recommended more Kegel's. They work until I imcrease my water intake. You just can't win with this. I would think an otherwise healthy person with routine lab followup is going to have other symptoms than I gottago for cancer, diabetes, etc. None of my doctors has ever suggested I have a hidden time bomb because of urgency.

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The hidden bomb may be a little known disease called "chronic
interstitial cystitis". It's like a bladder infection that can't be cured, because there really is no infection, "just"

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well then, a juice that is a such wonderful anti inflamitory would be just the ticket! ;)

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Perhaps as an alternative therapy - dietary therapy regarding
IC has been largely limited to avoidance of certain products.

It's going to take a lot more than juice to cure this one.

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Hi there, sorry, but I'm with Agnes on this one. It might be nothing, but it might be something. I just found out, after YEARS of peeing on myself on accident and seeing the doctors about it (who said what again? oh yeah. more kegals) that I have a prolapsed rectum. My intestines are sitting on my bladder and my pelvic floor can't handle all the weight. My docs (3 of them) have always said no worries, nothing wrong. It wasn't until I went to the colon/rectal specialist that I found out this was a physical problem. So, I think it's great if the Mangosteen is working, just, if it keeps up get an umpteenth opinion.

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