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BrycesmommyOctober 11, 2004

This story is a little long..

One late night last week my husband & I were coming home from the city close to the town we live in. The road off the highway into the town is about 22km, in the middle of nowhere & has alot of curves so you can't see straight in front of you. It was pitch black so we could hardly see, even with the headlights on.

Just as we came around a corner we saw a deer right in the middle of the road but it was too late. My husband slammed on the brakes but we still hit the deer going 110km/hr. I thought this was my time & my entire life flashed before my eyes. I never felt anything like it. I must have blacked out because I hit my head so I don't remember much else until I heard my husband crying (I have seen him cry 3 times in the 7 years i've known him..when our son was born, when we held him in our arms as he took his last breath & at his funeral). All he kept saying was "Bryce I miss you & love you so much" as he cried. I opened my eyes (or so i thought...Maybe i was still unconscious??) & saw Bryce sitting in the car between us holding our hands. I don't know how to explain exactly what he looked like but i'll try...i could see his face clearly but the rest of his body was fuzzy like on a tv where there's no reception (make sense???) & his whole body was outlined in white. I thought I was going crazy until my husband said he saw the same thing.

I have asked over & over for Bryce to be in a dream so I can see him one more time. I tried so hard to see signs from him to let me know he's close. But I haven't had any. I think I was trying to hard. SO it was the most incredible experience having that chance to see him & tell him we loved him.

Luckily neither one of us were seriously hurt in the accident. All I had was a goose egg on my head where i hit it & a broken collar bone from the seat belt locking. My husband broke his wrist & got some stitches in his chin. Surprisingly I was scared..more comforted then anything when I saw our little boy was there with us. The paramedic was amazed that we made it out alive or at least without any serious injuries. So I truly believe that we were being watched over by one very special angel.

Does this sound crazy or has anything like this happened to anyone else. Maybe we were both dreaming it??

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Nell Jean

You've had a one-of-a-kind experience. You're blessed.

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I got tears reading this experience. You are so blessed...your precious son was watching over you and his daddy to make sure you were ok. This is amazing.


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My mom has seen my dad come in to her room twice now since he died in August. She insists it was not a dream and that she was awake. I wish he would come to me.
Treasure that moment. You are so blessed.

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Oh, that is an awesome experience. I'm so happy that you had this vision of your son. How wonderful.
I'm glad that you two weren't seriously hurt.
The only similar experience that has happened as far as Christin goes, is that a friend of hers fell asleep at the wheel on the interstate. While she was sleeping, she heard a voice and a little laugh and the voice said, "Wake up, Kellie". By the time she opened her eyes, she was off the highway heading for trees. When she stopped the vehicle, she looked over in the passenger seat and she said that Christin was sitting there. She said that the voice and laugh was Christin's.
Another lady was going through a bad experience and said that Christin appeared to her on a mountain in Germany and told her that everything would be okay, and the next morning everything WAS okay. She fell to the ground and cried after she saw her. The story is a little longer than that, but I'm just giving the highlights.
I believe that it does happen and there is no doubt in my mind that you two saw your baby. That is so neat. I wish so much that I could see Christin and Mom. I would be willing to go to the brink of death to see them.
What a gift that you two were given. :-)

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What a wonderful experience! I'm so glad you were given that gift.

My daughter Jill's best friend told me that one day when she was driving she was doing something with the CD player when all of a sudden her car was filled with the scent of flowers that she associated with Jill. Nicki looked up to see what could be causing it, and realized that her car was going off the road and headed for a tree. She was able to get back on the road.


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You were not dreaming. Your angel was watching over you. My son, who I lost on July 4th, had a car accident exactly 1 year prior to his death - he hit a tree head on and should not have lived. He walked away with only a scratched cornea. The police searched for hours for a girl he insisted was in the car with him. He was never able to say who the girl was, but insisted she was there. They never found the girl and I know now that it must have been an angel in the car with him. There is simply no other explanation. After his accident in June of this year, my mother saw an angel hovering over his hospital bed. I believe she was there watching over him for 19 days until we had to let him go. You were blessed with this event.

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Thanks everyone. In my heart I didn't think this was just a dream but I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one who went through something like this. At least I know I'm not crazy. It was the most conforting experience I have ever had. But now I want to see him more now that I know it can happen. I just won't try so hard because he'll come when it's meant to be.

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How wonderful and thank you for sharing. I do believe they are always with us.

I haven't seen anyone, yet, but twice did hear my name in the middle of the night. I hadn't gone to sleep yet. The first time I thought it was my imagination as I had been to a grief chatroom. The second time I had totally been thnking of something else.

I just "knew" it couldn't have been my other Wing as he has a very distinctive accent. After several days it occurred to me I hadn't been able to distinguish his accent in several years.

Thank you, again, for sharing......


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I am so glad you are both OK.

What a comforting experience. Your story made me smile.

When my nephew was in the hospital, when everything was minute to minute, he kept gazing off to the right side of the room. I am a nurse and in my head I know that it was something called left sided neglect...due to his head injury. But, in my heart, I felt like he was gazing at his mommy in the corner of the room, and that she was an angel looking out for him. I beleive she is in heaven, but that God allowed her to stay for the first few weeks in his room to take care of him.

I am so sorry for your loss. But, I'm so glad you're ok.


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Two nights before my mother died, when they had called me from the nursing home to say she had suddenly taken a turn for the worse, I was sitting by her bedside holding her hand. She appeared to be in a very deep sleep. Out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly saw a white figure laying on the foot of her bed. I gasped and turned around to look head on, and didn't see anything. A few minutes later, my mother opened her eyes, looked up towards the ceiling, her eyes widened in astonishment, her mouth dropped open, and her eyes and head followed something right over the bed. It wasn't that glassy, far-off stare that they get when it's near the end: she was focused on something. Someone was in the room with her. I said, "Who is it, Mom? Who do you see?", but of course she couldn't answer. Then she closed her eyes and fell back to sleep.

I guess I'll never find out who she saw until I get to the Other Side!

Another (funny) thing: I asked her just to send me a sign when she crossed over, so I would know she was okay. Two days after she died, my cousin and I were out doing errands everywhere. We ordered flowers, had lunch, looked at a place to have the funeral collation, I went to the beauty parlor, etc. As I got up from the chair in the beauty parlor, my hairdresser leaned over and whispered, "You have a small piece of paper on your back." I turned to look in the mirror...and there was a square of TOILET PAPER sticking out of the waistband of my shorts!!!

I was mortified to think of all the places I'd been that day and how long was it like that?! Then I wondered if this was the SIGN I asked my mother to send me! It's almost as if she was saying, "Lighten up, I'm okay!"

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Two days before my mom passed away, she also saw someone.
I was lying in bed with her waiting for her to go to sleep. It was quite and then she said, "I see her". I asked her who she saw and she didn't answer me. She just kept staring. I got lost in my own thoughts and wondered who she could have seen and then to my surprise a minute or so later, she said, "Bye". I thought at first she was telling me "Bye", but then I realized that who she had been seeing was leaving. I was just amazed and can't believe to this day that I didn't ask her again who she saw. I am really mad at myself for that. I'm wondering if it wasn't my Christin. I too, will have to wait until I see her again to find out.
There are so many cases of people seeing others on the other side shortly before they leave this world.
I like your mom's sign. Pretty creative! You made me laugh.
She must have been a fun-loving person.

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Yes, Lu, Mom had a wonderful, dry sense of humor. I mentioned that in her eulogy, too. She also "called it as she saw it", as the saying goes, and there were no gray areas with her. :-)

That's amazing about your mom, too. It might very well have been your daughter she saw. There are so many stories like that, it sends chills down my spine.

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I strongly believe that we see people who have died before us when we are nearing our death.

My grandfather was always a strong Christian man. On his deathbed he described a beautiful garden and called out the names of the apostles as if he were calling to a friend across the road. He had the most beautiful smile on his face, we knew he was really seeing what he described to us. This was almost 9 years ago and it still gives me chills to remember it.

My grandmother tells of her crippled aunt that died while she sat with her. The girl was in her late teen years and had the mind of a 4 year old. She said that just before she died she smiled up at the sky, raised her hand and said "Papa" - then fell back in her bed and was gone.

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Wow, Janet, those are amazing stories. I was not with my aunt when she died, but I heard that she said something like "Oh my dear sweet Jesus!" so I'm sure she saw Him.

When my father died 10 years ago, I spent hours on end wondering where he was. I knew he was in heaven, but where was heaven? Was it over the rainbow? Behind a cloud? Over the ensuing years, I have come to believe that it is right here amongst us -- we in this world simply cannot see it. I have found myself comforted by that, as I don't feel that my mother is so far away from me.

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